At Last An Update, Breach 44. 23rd April

I’ve been wondering how long before C&RT would give us an update regarding the breach. Sometime this morning they have updated the website page with the following.

Update 23/04/2021

Our engineers have now completed detailed inspections and a design solution has been agreed. We are starting construction work on a permanent repair programme and expect repairs to the breach site to be completed by mid-August.

The Trust is planning to remove the stop planks in Goole Caisson next week. This is expected to be completed by 30th April to allow passage past this point. The Trust is continuing to maintain water levels downstream of the breach.

We’ve always known that we wouldn’t be able to escape in the direction of the New Junction Canal for sometime. But if we’re hoping to return to Goole at the back end of the year we now know we’ll be able to via an easier route than Trent Falls, which is a relief as weather factors and daylight hours may have more bearings on a passage by then. It also opens up the possibility of crossing the Pennines via the Huddersfield Narrow and Standedge Tunnel.

News regarding the caisson stop planks will be a great relief to those who’ve been stuck at Rawcliffe Bridge since before Christmas, some of them are chomping at the bit to move to new moorings. It does also mean that before we descend Ocean Lock we’ll be able to give Oleanna a run up the cut to check everything is working properly before heading onto tidal water.