Drained But Not Fully, Breach 31. 14th March

The recent storm has stopped Mark from flying his drone recently, but this morning he deemed the wind speed was just about okay to go flying again.


The cofferdam looks like it has drained by itself again, although maybe not quite as low as it has done before.

The pictures today show where the leek happened that has now been mended.


These photos are from 25th February. In the bottom right hand corner where the pipes gently curve away from the bank there is a grassy gap showing where the cofferdam piling meets the existing piling and there is a bridge over the pump pipes.


Then these from the 7th March. The area is much darker than before, this is because there is a hole there.


It looks like you can see the back of the bank piling and then another layer of piling is close up to the pipes, you can see the corrugations in this second photo.


Today the hole has now been filled with aggregate, the chalky surface quite obvious and there may also be more clay than before by the cofferdam piling.


The second raft for the pumps to extract more water (at the western side) have been plumbed in, but there are no extra pipes at the eastern end.


The level between the breach and Goole caisson is being kept about a foot lower than normal so that the level doesn’t over top the cofferdam. The removal of the top section of stop planks helps with this, draining any excess water that is pumped round the breach into the docks to help keep the level up there.

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