Going Down. Breach 23. 19th February

Aire & Calder Navigation Main Line
Location: Ferrybridge Lock and Goole Caisson
Starts At: Lock 11, Ferrybridge Flood Lock
Ends At: Goole Pipebridge

Update on 19/02/2021:

Works at the breach continue this will create fluctuations in water levels between Pollington, Sykehouse and Goole.

Skippers of all craft are advised to check their mooring lines to ensure their vessel is securely moored allowing for water fluctuation. 

This notice from C&RT came through mid morning. Oleanna is moored on the other side of Goole Caisson, but that doesn’t mean the levels in the docks are any more constant. In fact this morning I received a message from Lisa saying that Al was on his way to the marina to check on boats as the level had dropped significantly overnight.

The thought was that ships had been through Ocean Lock and taken a lot of water with them, therefore dropping the level. It would take some time for the pumps working around the Caisson to bring the level back up again.

Al checked Oleanna’s ropes and sent through a couple of photos. She certainly was a lot lower than when we’d last had a photo, but not as low as when we’d first visited her after the breach. Apart from the lack of water all seems well. Thank you Al and the others in the marina for keeping an eye on things.

0 locks, 0 miles, 2 foot down, 1 very bored cat, 4 guns finished, 9 at least halfway, 1 assistant locked out, 128 photos of a white card model, 2 notebooks, 0 missing blog photos!