Breach 13. 11th January

With the new lockdown we’ll not be getting chance to visit Oleanna for a while.

Last Tuesday Mick gave the marina a call to see how things were and to enquire if there was a local BSS inspector they could recommend.

Levels were reported to be up and down, but Geoff and others are walking round regularly to make sure boats are okay, adjusting ropes if required. Thank you chaps.

Al had also been to have a check on things and sent through some pictures of Oleanna. It’s nice to see Oleanna, but they show that the level had dropped again. I think this will be the state of play for some time, possibly until the breach is mended and the normal flow of water along the canal can be reinstated.

Mick gave the inspector a call and as he lives locally there will be no problem in getting the inspection done before it is due. We do however need to give Oleanna the once over before hand as we’ve spotted a couple of things that we need to do, nothing major, but as we know about them we’re hoping for an opportunity. She will also need to be winded for easier access to the gas locker as we are on a short pontoon. Private Boat Requirements BSS

A few days ago there was an article regarding the breach in the Yorkshire Post. Taken from the point of view of one of the commercial boat skippers, Exol Pride and the gravel barges won’t be going anywhere for months.

3 thoughts on “Breach 13. 11th January

  1. Debby

    Maybe as commercial interests are involved repairs might happen sooner, or am I just being cynical?
    stay safe, hope Tilly’s paws don’t get too cold

    1. pipandmick Post author

      I think because of the commercial interests of the barges and Goole Port they won’t drag their feet. But I think it will still take quite a bit of time to fix once a decision is made on how to fix it.
      At least right now we can’t go anywhere due to lockdown anyway.

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