Foreboding Forecast. 22nd August

Museum Gardens to Naburn Lock Visitor Moorings

Opening the curtains this morning we gave a sign of relief, the level had dropped by a few inches, we could tell just by glancing across to the opposite bank. Over breakfast we checked out the levels upstream on the various rivers heading to join the Ouse, some seemed to have had a spike overnight and the only direction that water was heading was downstream to York! Hmmm!!

It’s boring this Yurck

The Saturday morning Geraghty Zoom topics included changing locks, Plymouth Argyle and whether Oblivion, Immune, Elite, Brethren or Richard would be the best way to spend eternity.

Adding the roof whilst cruising

Mick headed off for our Saturday newspaper and a few supplies to keep us going for the next few days. With things sorted we started to make ready to pull away. A few boats had already departed, most upstream and the trip boats were back out in force. Of course just as we were about to push off the heavens opened, this happened a couple more times before we gave up waiting.

Full 48 hours max

Winding we headed back downstream. Knowing that the level was still up we hoped that maybe just maybe some of the banks on the Ouse would be a touch higher. Our original planned mooring by the chilled medication boat was out as all the chains we’d thought of tying to were under water, in fact pretty much of all the hard bank is at the same level through York.

A wasted opportunity for moorings

As we progressed downstream we looked at gaps on pontoon moorings longingly. Yes we could most probably fork out for a mooring at York Marina, but we hoped that things wouldn’t get bad enough for such an outlay. Could we stop at The Ship Inn and make use of their mooring it would mean having to have another pub meal.

The only high wall in York

But no we carried on, the view of my Dad’s house much better today due to the higher level of the river, just a shame my camera wasn’t out at the time.

No chains to tie to

It rained then stopped, then rained again as we approached Naburn far quicker than we’d made it upstream a week ago.

Lock cut to the left, weir and pontoon the right

The floating pontoon on the lock island looked full with cruisers so we pulled in down the lock cut and tag ourselves onto the end, leaving plenty of space for the river bus to pull in and moor.

Happy now

About bloomin time, shore leave again! Trees, friendly cover and a new discovery conkers! A bit spiky for pawball, but good for chasing. It felt good to be back out in the outside again and away from Yurck!

We checked the levels and projected levels in York. Hmmm, still not good. I measured how much of the concrete edge was above the water, added our draught and calculated that the river would have to rise another meter before we’d be in serious danger of floating over the bank.

Just a shame Tilly was out

Tilly was too busy to come home so we snuck out, leaving the pram cover open should she return whilst we were out. No sign of a Lock Keeper. We walked over to check out the pontoon, space for a narrowboat, but this would mean no shore leave for Tilly! We decided to stay put, loosening our ropes as and when needed, another cruiser soon turned up and filled the space.

33cm before the level comes over the mooring

A catch up chat with the London Leckenbys making plans for next week. Here’s hoping the levels drop by then and that the sun comes out as it would be so lovely to be able to sit out with them either at the camp site or by Oleanna.

During the afternoon and evening more boats arrived from York, pulling in where they could and keeping their ropes loose. We decided that now would be a good time to empty our yellow water tank before the levels rose anymore. So Mick was just about to set everything up when a chap from the boat in front came for a chat, it always happens, even in flood conditions!

The weir

They bought their boat a few days ago from Acaster Malbis and so far have been to Naburn Marina to fill with diesel and then to the lock. As they are new to boating the Lock Keeper had suggested that they wait for the neap tides before heading down the tidal Ouse. They plan to have a pootle up river everyday until the tides are right so as to get used to how the boat handles, they’ve also been watching people turning into Selby on Youtube. Mick suggested that they should loosen their ropes as the level was set to rise even further.

Some chicken thighs that had been lurking at the bottom of the freezer for a touch too long had been defrosted and were popped into my dutch oven and left to bubble away on Gas mark 0.5 for a few hours. All the time we kept checking the levels and forecast levels. The tape measure came out and confirmed the changing readings on the Live Flood Site.

Love this plant pot

At Viking Recorder, which is by Lendal Bridge, the forecast levels prompted the site to say Prepare for Flooding. These levels are more intended for buildings than boats, so the level on the river would be a problem to us sooner than to the bricks and mortar. The levels gradually continued to rise.

On one of the facebook groups someone mentioned that they were by Lendal Bridge and that their boat had tilted necessitating loosening their ropes. Numerous comments suggested that they should move to a higher bank, Kings Staith perhaps. They adjusted their ropes and made sure they were tied off on the boat so that they could be adjusted should the need arise again.


We kept an eye on things loosened our ropes more and put rubber pipe fenders out, these sink rather than float. Last check on levels before turning the light out at midnight 1.21m, 24 cm higher than when we first arrived, another 0.75m before we would be heading for trouble. Going up is all very well, it’s the coming down when serious problems can happen. We started to think how to attach poles and planks to the side of Oleanna so that we wouldn’t drift over the bank.

0 locks, 5.58 miles, 6 zoomers, 1 newspaper, 1 wet cruise, 1 house more visible, 0 chains, 1 slightly higher bank, 2 new boaters, 1 empty wee tank, 18 inches higher than a week ago, 8 inches even higher by midnight, 2 very loose ropes, 1 tasty curry, 1 happy cat, 2 boaters dreaming of planks and poles, 1 river still rising!

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