After The Rain. 18th July

Pipe Bridge 115A

Miserable. We made the decision to stay put for the day as it was so totally miserable. We’ve had a couple of long days and really didn’t want to get wet again.


The back doors were opened up as we had breakfast for Tilly to head off into the wet air. No hesitation from her this morning. Well I’d found friends yesterday and had to find more today. I also had to work out how to get one of the big wooly friends home. That was going to take quite some calculations as there is a fence with square holes and wooly friends are not square by any means!

Calculation face

The Geraghty Zoom had talk of a close pass by an asteroid this week, the second coming on the south coast and the existence of a UK desert. We also had a late arrival from Ruth who’s birthday it was, she’d already hit the prosecco as it was a none wedding day for one of her best friends, the day certainly had to be marked.

Could we be bothered to get damp for our Saturday newspaper? A stretch of our legs would be good, so we both wrapped up and walked back along the towpath to Clayton-Le-Moors, a slight round about trip down a footpath we’d seen yesterday meant our walk included some up and down too.

Newspaper shop

Mick headed into the Co-op whilst I had a little look round. A queue at the chemist, I could have had a hair cut (but that would be five months too early) or a Benidorm tan. I decided to stand in the rain instead. Mick took his time and it turned out that he’d bumped into an old work colleague John in one of the isles. Back in 2014 John came to visit us on Lillian, but sadly today it was only a quick chat in the Co-op.

Early afternoon we heard the swing bridge behind us and peered out the back doors. NB Billy was pulling up very damp. Yesterday they’d only just managed to get into the countryside before they’d had enough of the slow going, but their mooring wasn’t ideal. We’d let them know where we were and it only took them three hours to cover 7 miles!

Low evening sun

The weather gradually dried up through the afternoon, Clare popped round to have a rivet gun workshop. Yesterday in one of the locks our cratch cover had caught on one of Billy’s rivets, a press stud took most of the force and a slight rip to the fabric. In narrow locks we roll the covers right up to prevent this, but we’d decided to have them down for the leaky Leeds Liverpool ascent, so this was always a possibility.

Good views

Mick got the gun out and demonstrated how easy it was. I just need to find a bit of suitable fabric to mend the rip which I’m hoping the Fent Shop in Skipton will provide. Then they headed to see if we had the right size rivets to mend Billy’s covers (not injured in the locks with us), not quite but a mend was possible to keep them going.

The Pennines

As the afternoon turned into evening the sun even came out. Then after we’d finished our macaroni cheese (with extra bits) the sky looked amazing outside.

On the move

This morning we’d risen to no view, someone having stolen the hills. This evening we were treated to wonderful amounts of sky, hills as far as you could see and a wonderful sunset.

Earlier in the day we’d been trying to decide our favourite moorings with views. We obviously have several. This evening, this mooring came out on top as it showed off in style, curlews calling out as they flew past as the sun nestled down behind the hills.


0 locks, 0 miles, 3 miles for a paper, 1 colleague, 2 damp boaters, 2 more pairs of wet shoes, 4 moving boats, 1 life raft, 3 rivets, 1 gun, 9 hours, 1 stubborn none square sheep, 3 smaller friends, 1 stunning evening, 1 stove lit, 1st in the view catagory.

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