Chips Or Mash With Your Spaghetti? 12th May

Lockdown Mooring 4A to Lockdown pick up point


Tilly’s collar

It’s never good when they take my collar off! She thought I’d not noticed her getting something off the top of the bathroom cupboard this morning. She thought I wouldn’t mind having my collar off for a day or two. She thought that as I wouldn’t be allowed out in the outside today that she could be incredibly horrible to me. So She was!


I now have a very annoying wet neck which will last for a couple of days. Without my collar on I am not allowed shore leave. No matter how I sit my neck bothers me, being all wet and evaporatingish. Errr yuck! B**stards!!!

This evening we have finally managed to use up all but one of the potatoes that we’d over ordered a few weeks ago.

We have had potato wedges, a second lot of them tonight.

Mash, on top of a fish pie.

Hash browns. A new firm favourite.

Some new potatoes snuck in there too, just steamed.

Chicken hash. A staple these days.

Moussaka. A new one added into the repertoire (forgot to take a photo).

Potato salad.

And last but not least Dauphinoise potatoes, a decadent treat.

Not quite sure what to do with the last one. Now we’ll have to start on the new potatoes from last weeks veg box and this weeks box will soon be with us. Oh well more potato food.

Green shoots today

The title of todays post is a quote from a Jimmie Chinn one act play called Interior Designs which I designed for a drama festival may years ago, before college. This line stood out and has stayed with me.

More colours added today

0 locks, 0.67 miles, 1 empty veg box,1 collarless cat, 3 months free of fleas, 1 mardy cat, 1 field turning green, 130 photos, 45 on a gramophone! 7 white 2 red in the cellar, 1 potato left, 7 more colours, 1 day off tomorrow.

Sulky pants!

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