Carmen Miranda Box. 7th May

Lockdown Mooring 4A to Marsh Lane Winding Hole to Lockdown Mooring 4A

Thursday morning cuppa in bed then on our way to meet the veg box man. Mick managed to find the mooring pin hole at the stern quite easily, but the bow one proved impossible to find again, so another whole had to be driven into the bank.


Breakfast time which turned into work time for me. Just as I’d started inking in the portraits the dark grey Galaxy from last week pulled into the layby. Today we were picking up a £15 mixed box for us and a £12 mixed box for Barry and Sandra on NB AreandAre. The chap dropped them off and took away our box from last week so that it could be reused.

Two boxes today

I couldn’t help but have a quick nosy to see how much difference £3 made. Our box was maybe a touch more fruit biased than Sandras, but then I’d requested that they omitted certain things. We considered heading into town to pick up a few things, but decided instead to head back and deliver the fresh veg before any of it started wilting in the sun.

The flag bubble has been invaded by Pirates

We reversed back to the winding hole, turned and headed back. As the flag bubble came into view a couple of beeps on the horn were sounded. The flag bubble has increased in the last few days, it now includes The Pirate Boat NB Rum Wench. Heidi stuck her head out of the hatch to say hello and have a quick catch up as we drifted past. We then slowed until our bow came in line with AreandAre’s. Sandras box had been left on our starboard bow locker for ease of access which worked well. A quick chat and we were off back to Lockdown Mooring 4A.

Mind the canoe

Two boats had pulled in on the length of visitor moorings, but our favourite spot was still free. Tilly wasn’t too sure about the big Alsatian from the boat in front, neither was it about her! They watched each other closely and mirrored each others moves. We of course got told off for allowing such a woofer into this TILLY’s outside.

Fresh bootie

So what did we get in our box? New potatoes, carrots, radishes, green beans (hope you’ve got round to planting yours Frank), tomatoes, mushrooms, 2 onions, apples, red pears, peaches, grapes, bananas and strawberries. Quite fruit biased, so maybe next week we’ll just go for veg whilst we finish off the fruit from this one.

The laptop having a clean out

The menu for the next week took some working out this afternoon and a short list was made of things we could do with. Tomorrow we have a Morrisons delivery so what could be added onto that order was, but somethings are just not available, I’ll see what I can do in town tomorrow to fill the gaps.

Rubbing out

By the end of the afternoon all my sketches were inked in and all the pencil rubbed out. Amazing how long it takes to get things looking right to then totally obliterate it all and leave it looking not quite the same. Painting them in will bring back the subtleties, but that is a longer process.

This is MY field!!!

Tomorrow is the 75th anniversary of VE day, we’ve heard today that our street in Scarborough will be having a street picnic to celebrate, presumably everyone in their own gardens. We hope the sunshines and that you all enjoy celebrating the day. Maybe I’ll get round to writing that post about my Dad tomorrow!

0 locks, 1.74 miles, 1/3 rd of a mile backwards, 2 winds, 1 Carmen Miranda flat packed into a box, 2 boxes, 1 huge bunch of radishes, 2 tasty loaves, 1 pirate boat off the starboard bow, 4 flags, 16 sketches inked in, 1 broken hinge, 1 mound of erasings, 2 hopeful messages, 1 street party picnic to celebrate, 4 windows, 1 more meal with potatoes!

Thursday 7th May photo

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    just put up my bean sticks last week waiting for the bad weather to pass before the seeds go in . Front garden is being rotorvated reseed the lawn . X

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