A Month Of Sundays. 22nd April

Lockdown Mooring 4

All back to the new normal today. Game of pen, followed by feline shore leave rules, breakfast, towpath murder etc.

At times in the old normal, it was hard to determine what day of the week it was, ‘Today is Thursday?’ is one of the phrases that was used quite often on Oleanna. Somehow we knew we’d reached the mid point of the week, but not quite certain which side of it we were on. Our Saturday newspaper would help a touch, anchoring one day a week for us.

Well it is Sunday!

But things in the new normal are not quite the same. Every day feels like a Sunday, we are of course correct one day out of seven. Now that we have had a whole month of the new normal I decided to unwrap the pork joint we’d got and let it rest in the fridge all day to roast this evening. I actually know it’s Wednesday but today it could be Sunday.

Troubles towing after turning the corner

More work for me whilst Tilly went out exploring. She found a friend and brought it back to sit on the towpath next to Oleanna. For once she didn’t bother to consume it as a snack and just left it for passersby to admire. One lady wasn’t too impressed! Maybe it will keep people away from us.

Quite a few more boats moving today, including two that came down the locks. It turned out one was towing the other. Wonder how far they are heading?

10th April
with a full lock

Mick had a walk up to the reservoir this afternoon. We’ve been keeping an eye on the damp patch of towpath below the bottom lock at Hurleston. A C&RT chap had said it was due to an artesian well alongside the lock. Most of the time we’ve been here the lock has been left full, but the other day the last boat to go through the flight came down, leaving it empty over night.

17th April with an empty lock overnight

The following day we walked up to have a look and compare the towpath. There was still a little trickle seeping out but the whole area was far drier than when the lock had been left full. We’re considering sending the photos in to C&RT as to us it looks like there is a leak.

Hurleston eggs

Mick returned from his walk with a box of eggs. At the top of the reservoir there is a house that keeps chickens and the lady charges £1 for half a dozen. We’d seen other people walking with egg boxes and now we know where they’d come from.

Rising again

My sourdough starter had a feed this morning. I’m using the 1:1:1 method to try to get it back rising and frothy. 1 part starter, 1 part water, 1 part brown rice flour. It has turned the corner and grows for the first three hours then deflates. It just isn’t growing enough yet to bake with. So I decided to give it a third fee today to see if that would help. I’ve retained the excess to make some brownies with tomorrow. Thank you for the link to the scrapings method Jerry. I need to get my starter fully frothed then I’ll give it a go.

Stopped in her tracks

As the joint cooked I was going to watch Orlando a broadcast via the ICA. The information about it suggested that it could be useful for a project that might happen next year as the film incorporated projection and live costume changes. But sadly even though our internet seemed to be fine the picture froze. After a few minutes I decided that it wasn’t an artistic element of the film and gave up.

Good crackling

0 locks, 0 miles, 6 eggs, 3 chutney recipes passed on, 3 feeds, 1 mouse for all to see, 9 hours shore leave, 2 new neighbours, 5 sketches, 1.5kg pork joint, gas mark 7 for 50 minutes, 10 more scored lines, 1 vast amount of crackling, 1 month, 31 Sundays, how many more to come?

PS. Who’s daughter lives in the house that we walked past with Tilly? You didn’t leave your name.

Tonights sky

3 thoughts on “A Month Of Sundays. 22nd April

  1. joamungoanddog

    I now refer to all days of the week as just ‘day’. Easier that way! I bought Mungo and Dog and huge cat tree, I’ll send a photo .. they now row over who gets to sleep in it. At least Dog doesn’t try to get in the tank anymore! He’s still pretty embarrassed about that and Mungo still laughs at him!

  2. Dave Foulkes

    Sorry it’s my daughter. We met a couple of years back. I volunteer at Stanley Flight in Liverpool

    1. pipandmick Post author

      Thank you David and thank you for your help in Liverpool too. A small world indeed. Hope you and yours are keeping safe.

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