All Of North London. 23rd June

Wendover Arm to Cow Roast

Mick thought it best for us to move today to be closer to Cow Roast for tomorrow morning. This would save us an hour or so cruise time before checking into the marina for a couple of nights.

Winding at the end

After breakfast we winded only disturbing three fisherpeople and made our way back to Bulbourne Junction. A day boat was already out and about, not going quite so speedy as the one yesterday thank goodness. However meeting another boat on such a shallow stretch meant we had to pull right over the bottom of Oleanna scrapping on the bottom and us listing until she found enough water again.

I stayed below to get on with some work. The date for my next meeting has been set and there’s is quite a bit to do along with cruising down to London with constant locks. I’ve also had a request from the Production Manager to send her the model so that she can show it to some builders for quotes.


So today I made sure I put everything together, made notes of what still needs doing, took photos, checked my sketch drawings making note of any changes so that I can work on these whilst the model is away. Then anything I could scan was scanned. If the postal service lets us down I need to have enough information to be able to recreate the model. Maybe it would just be easier to take the model myself to the meeting, but this week has got busy and the meeting is in Bristol.

Mick turned us back onto the main canal at the junction and then cruised us along the summit pound. To me there seemed to be more boats moored up, some breasted up, but maybe that was just a distorted view from below.

A shaded cruise

For a summit pound there isn’t much to look at as the majority of it is along a cutting. Trees blocking out much of the light for most of the way. Mick hoped for a space as close to the marina as possible, but he overshot and ended up having to reverse back for a space.

The towpath is narrow and quite busy here, a vast contrast to the Wendover Arm. This afternoon we must have had every single north London child under the age of eleven come past, there was a constant stream for over an hour. Most were very polite, but we did get a tap on the windows and one lad shouting in at us. Not bad going really.

A cuff for me

0 locks, 4.23 miles, 1 right, 1 shady summit, 1 overshot mooring, 1 shoe box full of panto, 1 feline assistant overstepping the mark, 1 very hot and humid grey day.

With the aerial on top of the pram cover

2 thoughts on “All Of North London. 23rd June

  1. Mike Todd

    I have long been amazed by the amount of time you put in to your panto stage design. Listening today to a radio conversation between Nina Mae Fowler and Nick Park, especially him talking about what it means to him to be able to tweak an animation set, struck a chord with me in relation to what you do and also helped me to understand just a teeny bit what the fascination (obsession?) must be.

    1. pipandmick Post author

      Thanks Mike. Pantos tend to be more time consuming than most shows, I’m just grateful that Chippy Theatre is a small venue, otherwise I’d be doing even more work on it.
      My main set isn’t quite right at the moment, but until I’d put everything together I didn’t know what it needed. I have a pretty good idea now. As a designer you can work on one bit and get that right in isolation, but put with everything else you realise what is wrong.

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