Something’s Fishy Round Here! 17th November

Jericho Wharf

Another slow day today.

We needed to get our Saturday newspaper and stock up on some food supplies so decided to head to Waitrose to get a free paper.

The route to Waitrose takes you along the side of the Thames for a short while and today I suggested we follow the river a bit further on a small detour I’d discovered last weekend.

P1430255smSo we crossed the river at Osney Bridge and walked down the bank at East Street. A goose made a bee line for us in what could have been an aggressive manner, so we veered back onto the road and left it to have a problem with a couple and their dog instead of us.

P1430259smThe road leads  to Osney Lock and Weir, we came up this lock on Lillian in 2016.

P1430264smP1430265smToday a wooden boat was heading towards the lock, two ladies standing with an oar each. They waved and a Lock Keeper appeared from the little hut. He set the lock for them and opened the gates all just by pushing the buttons, no windlass required for the Thames locks here.

P1430266smP1430272smThe ladies made their way into the lock, no need for them to turn the engine off, but they did cling on to the chains on the side as the water was let out. Once level they both stood back up and rowed themselves out and down stream. What a lot of water for one small boat.

We carried on and crossed the river and then veered off towards Osney Mead. Dave, a blog reader a few weeks ago had pointed us in the direction of various places for food and drink, one of these places I’d spotted last weekend, hence our detour.

P1430273smThe Fishmarket/Osney Food shed sits part way along the Industrial Estate. Last week I’d refrained from looking inside, but today we just had to. From outside I’d imagined it to be much bigger, but the small shop did not leave you wanting. Crammed with fish, frozen and fresh, three chaps filleted and sliced up fish on request. So many different fish to choose from. What a treat.

P1430275smWe walked round the display for sometime trying to make our minds up what to have for dinner this evening. In the end we chose some Sea Bass, bought a large bag of fish pie mix and some smoked mackerel. As we left I checked the recipes on the wall to see if anything took our fancy. Sadly it didn’t but a quick look on the internet and I knew what we needed to buy to make a fishy feast.

Waitrose provided us with the extra ingredients and our newspaper.

The afternoon was spent watching an episode of Inspector Morse whilst I finished knitting a pair of gloves. Only two pairs of socks and some wrist warmers to knit before the end of the month.

P1430281smOur Sea Bass was very tasty indeed, roasted with waxy potatoes, red pepper, olives and some basil at the end. Thank you Dave.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 boat watched through 1 lock, 1 park, 2 sea bass, 1kg pie mix, 4 GF mince pies (yummy), 1 Morse, 6th pair knitted, 4 pairs to weave ends on, 1 pair of socks started, 1 quiet evening.

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