Which One Says Snake Most?. 14th September

Leamington Spa

Unicorn filling up at the water point yesterday

With the cooler temperatures my Etsy shop seems to have caught peoples eyes. One pair of hand warmers went off in the post from Crick. I have a large order for a friend in Australia. Then a pair of socks.

This morning just as I was about to head up to Wool Warehouse another order popped into my inbox! Another pair of socks, good job I’d not left earlier to buy wool!

My main reason for visiting the warehouse was to audition yarns for a character in panto. Fazil is a snake, so obviously he will be a puppet, made from a very long sock. Yes I could go out and buy a sock, but I can make him more colourful if I knit him instead. So I’d made a short list of yarns I wanted to look at and Gemma had said that the lady in the shop would happily pull out yarns for me to see.

Wool Warehouse

A fifteen minute walk from the boat in the middle of an industrial estate is the warehouse. The shop is small and displays of single balls of yarn are laid out to tempt you. The biggest crochet hook (it must have been 2 inches) I’ve ever seen hung amongst all the hooks and pins on the wall. I was fortunate as I was the only customer and had to press the big red button for attention.

A lady arrived and took my list, noted stock numbers and went off to hut out all the balls I was wanting to look at. I was soon joined by another lady, also wanting to peruse a few colours for some gloves. My bucket of wool was brought for me to look at whilst the lady carried on serving. Someone else arrived and we all exchanged knitting and crochet ideas and thoughts about our favourite yarns, whether we were toe up or top down sock knitters and the joys of magic loop knitting. As one of the ladies said, knitting has changed a lot since we were kids, I suspect due to the generation below giving yarn and patterns a whole new life.

Which one says Panto Snake the most?

My shortlisted selection of yarns was quite good. Straight away I could discount most as they simply weren’t ‘panto’ enough. I was down to two and asked the opinion of the lady next to me, she agreed with my gut instinct. Here’s hoping it knits up how I think it will!

Weaving ends in

When I returned to the boat I decided that it would be wise to put a note on my Etsy shop. With the orders I have at the moment and 3 Fazils, my needles and hands are going to be full right up to when rehearsals start in Chipping Norton. So I am not taking any more orders until after the show is open, no point in being knitted out before I have to start painting Egypt!

This weekend is Heritage Weekend, when places not normally open to the public open their doors and you can have a nosy around. Last year we got to look around the Egyptian balconies of Preston Art Gallery. This year we have made a short list of things we want to see and do in Leamington Spa and Warwick. We’ve already done a few of them, even though it’s not the weekend yet. But I’ll tell you about them in another post.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 walk south of the canal, 3 orders, 3 snakes, 1 audition, 6 to choose from, 1 successful ball, 600 grams of yarn, 1st pair complete for Australia, 1 so bored cat, 2 heritage tours done, 4 more to do, 1 obsession with that cat.