Moving Into Position. 20th June

Mytchett Visitor Centre to Frimley Lodge Park

Yesterday’s walking has aggravated a problem I’ve got with one of my knees. Today we’d thought of having a visit to Woking, but I decided to put that on hold to save walking lots as tomorrow we hope to be descending the Deepcut flight. Once I get moving it’s not so bad, it just takes a while to get going!

Mick loitered in the car park for a Sainsburys delivery, it took some time to stow away. I’d got a chicken with the idea of jointing it and popping it in the freezer, however the freezer is a touch too full at the moment. We may have to have a roast chicken, just as the temperatures are starting to rise!

A move for water

The next couple of pairs of socks were packaged up ready for the post. Then I sat down to join an on-line funeral of the father of one of my York college friends Nick. A sad occasion, but a lovely tribute to a man who loved to sing. Thank goodness there was an excerpt from his 80th birthday where he and a couple of friends sang a Gilbert and Sullivan passage, far better than the main voice heard over the internet during the hymns. Sorry I couldn’t make it to York to be there in person.

NB Olive arrived behind us, they pulled in onto the waterpoint for a pump out. Mick went to chat and arrange when they’d finished that we’d do a do-ci-do as we wanted to top up on water. We pushed over to the towpath, well tried to, getting to the side problematical. The local hire boats must be so shallow as they’ve been mooring there. Once we’d attended to emptying the yellow water tank we then reversed back to the now vacated water point to use the water point and elsan, NB Olive pulling into our still warm mooring of the last few days.

Hopefully this will be goodbye to the visitors centre

Tomorrow morning we need to be at the top of Deepcut Locks at 9:30 so we decided to move back to Frimley Lodge Park, cutting the slow journey in half. The 0.8 miles took us an hour, one visit down the weed hatch and I was sent down to the bow to help bring the stern up.

See you tomorrow Olive

At the bow I could see very clearly where the channel was the water so clear. We had quite a lengthy chat with a fella sat on the bank as we tried to progress onwards. The geese all swam past and then vanished into the off side, the entrance to a lake disguised from my view point.

Bridge closed behind us

By 4pm we were moored up, some nettles trimmed back so that covers could be closed and Tilly was out enjoying some shore leave. Our nebolink hasn’t sent us emails today again. I can see that it’s logged the journey, just not sent the report. Our internet is a touch dodgy here so that may be the cause. *It arrived at around 4am.

During the day the Basingstoke Canal Authority put out their stoppage notice regarding the locks.

A couple of days ago the 2024 Pantomime Awards were held in Guildford. Chipping Norton Panto, Cinderella had two nominations. Actors Mark and Laura were nominated for the Best Ugly Sisters and Mariana the Assistant Director/Dramaturg was nominated for Best Newcomer to Pantomime. Sadly these awards went to other people. However they were there to receive a special award for Achievement in Innovation. Well done to the whole team who worked on Cinderella, but especially John Terry who decided to relocate the story to Latin America and employ so many Latinex actors and creatives.


0 locks, 0.8 miles, 1 swing bridge, 15 held up, 3 boat lengths reversed, 6 boxes wine, 1 big chicken, 2 boxes pink fishy cat food, 2 hours shore leave, 1 odd man, 1 full water tank, 1 empty wee tank, 2 boaters and 1 boat cat ready for the morning.!1m17!1m12!1m3!1d2011.243809970771!2d-0.7246175771777317!3d51.29882801812367!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m2!1m1!2zNTHCsDE3JzU1LjciTiAwwrA0MycyMS4yIlc!5e1!3m2!1sen!2suk!4v1718952797455!5m2!1sen!2suk

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