Missing BumBag! 8th June

Pyrford Marina to Domino’s Mooring, River Wey

Mick was off again this morning to return the hire car, he also stopped off at Tescos for a few things. The menu for tonight had been changed so some fish pie fish was required.

Half this years crop!

Whilst we’ve been away we’d moved our wild strawberry plants into the cratch, the first berries had been just about ripe when we headed to Scarborough and we wanted to be the ones to enjoy them rather than birds! By this morning about half of our crop was ripe, I picked and rinsed them to be added to our cereal. They may be small, but they don’t half pack a punch of strawberryness.

As we were getting ready for the off, I couldn’t seem to find my bright blue bumbag. I keep my phone and camera inside whilst we cruise for ease of access and safe keeping. It normally gets put there or over there when we’ve finished cruising, but this morning it was nowhere to be seen. I’d done a bit of a tidy up for when Ann-Marie and Dave came, but where had I put it. The boat was searched top to bottom, inside and out. No bumbag! Places were double checked, Oh Bumbag! Still no bumbag!!! Recently I’ve also taken to having a bank card in it, that was frozen straight away. I’m hoping that ignoring it’s absence will soon bring it out from hiding.

Push back

Once we’d breakfasted and filled the water tank it was time to get moving. Push back, wind, just as a big widebeam was heading towards it’s mooring, then a little narrowboat came into the entrance winded and backed back to it’s mooring, blimey things were busy! We pulled out, turning right onto the navigation again, pulling up immediately on the posts, time to empty the yellow water tank whilst we were port side to the bank.

Our extra crew also arrived, Kath Mick’s sister who lives quite close by. Buses hadn’t been as expected, but she’d made it to the rendez vous point in the end. Time for a quickish hello and then it was time to wind and head downstream. Not far, just far enough for Tilly to have some shore leave away from roads.

Nearly there

A mooring marked on our map had been free when Mick had passed it earlier and thankfully it still was. We pulled in and tied up. In amongst the trees was a plaque in memory of Domino the boat cat. Not even a year old Domino had been attacked by a dog earlier this year. I always knew the woofers round here had no manners, now they have even less anything! Was the dog in question still walked along the towpath? What was the likely hood of the same thing happening again? Domino was a young boat cat, would Tilly’s eight human years serve her better? It would have been very unfair to keep her in especially as the mooring had serious stamp of approval potential.

Poor poor Domino

The afternoon was filled with chatting, snoozing and food preparation. I made up a batch of apple flapjack, some sad git’s puff pastry was defrosted and rolled around sausage meat ready to be baked tomorrow and a large fish pie was put together to feed the troops, very tasty it was too.

The locals came to say hello

A very pleasant evening with conversation whilst watching the sun go down. A very nice mooring despite being so close to the M25.

Mesh in the side hatch as the sun went down

0 locks, 0.7 miles, 2 winds, 0 bumbag, 1 empty wee tank, 1 full water tank, 2 packs fish pie, 1 car returned, 1 sister, 1 lazy afternoon, 1 lovely mooring, 1 black pawbanded Mrs Tilly stamp of approval.


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