One Keeper. 17th March

Lemonroyd Marina

A top up on pills part way through the night was required. Swilling water around relieved the pain, but also meant I had to remember to swallow it before I dozed back off to sleep! By the end of the day I’d got the pain killers sussed, keeping a note of when pills were taken so as not to OD, all reminiscent of when I lost my little finger.

This mornings Geraghty zoom subjects included Interrupting cows, breasted up houses and it was very nice to see Penelope and Daphne, Mick’s great nieces for the first time in ages.

Hello again

Mid morning there was the sound of a boat engine. We’d been told there was another boat hoping to make it from Castleford when the river levels improved. In turned NB Lily Rose, we’d shared Bulholme Lock with them a week ago. It took a bit for them to wind and reverse into the space next to us. Of course there were several people about offering helpful advice making the job in hand harder than it needed to be. But soon they were all tied up, Mick helping them log onto the app for electric.

Mick’s socks drying

Every so often there is a chattering screech of bird song going over head. At times it feels as if the gossiping birds are hovering over Oleanna. I think they may be Oyster Catchers, not seen them and Mick’s not been able to catch them on his bird song app.

Yarn selection involves covering the bed with woolly colours

I selected the yarn for the next pair of socks. These follow a theme that the last two pairs have been based on. Now I’ve got the pattern sussed I may need to revisit the first pair to make some amendments. Thank you Jennie for your sponsorship of several pairs which will be knitted in time for Christmas presents. I reckon the last four pairs of socks won’t be suitable for Christmas presents, well unless my knitting goes into overdrive and I get ahead of myself. I know it’s not even Easter yet, but if you fancy a pair of socks as a Christmas present for someone, there are only twelve pairs left with guaranteed delivery before the big day!

Definitely a keeper

Mick pottered with jobs. A check on the bow thruster batteries, no need to top them up, all okay. A quick sweep of the well deck. The well deck is on my list of painting jobs, it’ll be soon time to become painty Pip again.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 new neighbour, 1 red setter, 1 cocodamol, 6 paracetamol, 4 ibuprofen, 1 toe, 36 gossiping catchers, 2 loads washing, 1 load drying, 1 keeper keeping the rain out, 2 batteries okay, 1 dentist appointment made for the morning.