Limping Along. 8th August

Broughton Road Bridge to Rugby Wharf to Bridge 67 that was

Before we set off Mick wanted to fit the switch he’d bought in Scarborough to the Nebolink. Because our slow speed isn’t enough to alert the nebolink that we are moving for it to automatically record our journey we needed to make use of the white wire. Mick’s solution was to add a switch that we could turn on when we are about to push off and switch off when we stop for the day. Last night Dave (Scouts) had suggested we use a voltage sensitive relay. This would notice when the battery voltage goes up as the alternator starts to charge the batteries, this would alert the nebolink and therefore record our journey automatically. There then followed a Telephone Engineers discussion on multimeters. Here Dave is a photo of Mick’s multimeter that he has on board Oleanna.

Mick’s multimeter

Mick flicked the switch and within a couple of minutes I received an email from Nebo saying that Oleanna was on the move! Hooray that bit worked. Time to get moving.

NB Momentous

We pootled up to the Tesco moorings, blimey it was busy up there. NB Momentous had passed us this morning when the sun was trying to make an appearance, we now passed them, a quick hello and, ‘We’ll be back’ was exchanged before we pulled in right at the end of the moorings. A stock up at Tescos required.

Catch it!

As we walked back up the hill with our full bags it started to drizzle. Boring! We decided to have lunch and hope that things would improve before we set off again. SOoo many boats came past squeezing their way between boats moored on the towpath and off side. People keep saying where has everyone gone, the canals are so quiet this year. Well that’s because everyone is here in Rugby!

Eventually we pushed out and made our way along the embankment to the arm towards Rugby Wharf. Mick didn’t spot the winding hole just beyond the arm with it’s spanning bridge and turned Oleanna’s bow in to turn. He’d expected the stern to be able to swing round with the amount of water behind us, but no, we ended up bow in the greenery under the bridge and stern stuck several feet away from the offside diagonally across the cut with a boat approaching.

The boat hook was required to push the stern off, then Mick tried again and this time succeeded in getting our bow down into the arm. Once we’d tucked ourselves out of the way we waved the oncoming boat to come past.

Now we were on our way, facing the correct direction. Luckily there wasn’t too much traffic so we could slow down and say a proper hello to Jenny and Pete, we’ve been boats that pass in the day this week, waving, but now we’ve finally met. Good to have a chat, see you somewhere sometime.

Passing or being passed by Momentous for the third time today

Drizzly. Our plan had been to get quite a few miles ticked off back towards Braunston, but cruising whilst getting wet was wearing thin. We passed our station mooring, got close to the golf course and decided to stop for the day.

Todays journey on Nebo

As I dropped down the cratch covers I also switched the switch on the Nebolink to off. We’d been able to see that we were moving on our phones but would it now send us a report. It took a few minutes and then the report arrived. Brilliant the £2 switch had done the trick, our route shown on the map had a couple of small lengths that weren’t shown of our journey, but so far all good.

It seems to work, just needs a bot of double sided tape to tidy it up a bit

Tilly was let out and had an explore returning after a while and sat on the Houdini shelf in the window. Mick pointed out to me that she was holding her right paw up, he also mentioned that he thought she’d been limping as she got off the boat. I was allowed to gently stroke her paw and leg. Tilly’s weepy eye all teary for maximum sympathy was noted. Nothing was obvious and she didn’t wince.

Poorly paw!

I stopped what I was doing and sat on the sofa to encourage her to rest her limping leg. This worked for a while, Tilly sat on my knee, knee rest. Then she decided that she’d rather be out and Mick opened the back door. Was this a good idea, certainly to stop her shouting at a closed door it was! She hadn’t ventured far when it was time for Dingding, but she did need some encouragement to come in.

For medicinal purposes I requested that the firebox be lit. It would help heal my poorly arm. Tom obliged and then She came and joined me finishing off her first sock for her. I didn’t help as my arm was too sore. Have I mentioned that I’ve got a poorly arm?

0 locks, 2.4 miles, 1 wind, 3 times past, 1st hello, 1 poorly leg, 1 fridge restocked, 1 damp day, 1 poorly arm, 1 limping cat, 1 puppetgate, 0 trees climbed, 0 holes dug, 1 limp leg, 1 teary eye, 1 stove lit, 1 limp improving!

4 thoughts on “Limping Along. 8th August

  1. Dave (scouts)

    That looks a very useful meter since its also a clamp meter. None of the ones i have can do that and i suspect if you need to check the current the alternator or solar is putting into batteries a clamp meter is useful.

    Hope Tilly’s “arm” or paw is getting better

    1. Pip Post author

      I’m very glad I bought Mick a good meter, well he did requested it.
      Tilly’s ‘arm’, leg, paw isn’t stopping her from enjoying herself on the towpath, still a slight limp though. She says thank you for your concern

  2. Brian Anthony Holt

    Same meter that I have, well two actually, one on the boat and one at home

    1. Pip Post author

      Now there’s an idea for Micks Christmas present, one for the house! Thank you Brian

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