Frequent Lodger. 6th August

Broughton Road Bridge

Thankfully the weather was better today, still a touch chilly, but the sun was showing it’s face. Boats that had been stationary yesterday were on the move , including NB Momentous, I happened to glance up from what I was doing as they passed to wave hello.

A generous plate full of pancakes

Blueberry pancakes for breakfast were very tasty, followed by the Geraghty zoom. Subjects included Shap, Huel, Portsea and when is an island an almost island! Then it was time to get on with work.

Just keeping an eye on you

Today the drawing board came out. My technical drawings needed updating with the cuts and alterations that had been discussed. As I worked away Tilly came and went exploring the world behind the sideways trees and Mick worked away washing bedlinen and making beds in Scarborough.

Tanya our most frequent lodger arrived mid afternoon soon followed by Georgia, two actors from the new Ayckbourn cast that starts rehearsals this week.

Once I’d finished updating one set of plans I started working out how to split the print of the portals, a quote from a new company to me had come in a quarter cheaper, if I could squeeze extra leaves in around the edges it would save us some money.

Updated plans

Tilly persuaded me that the stove needed lighting again, she enjoyed having prime position in front of it for several hours whilst I worked away. After dinner I reimagined Cinderella’s coach, if I could get the build cost for this down from £1800 it would be good. Several sketches were done, all of them must be cheaper!

0 locks, 0 miles, 10 sheets adjusted, 2 beds made, 2 new lodgers, 1 stove relit, 1 hire boat boating into the night, 11pm finish.