J R Hartley And His Mate. 16th May

Granary Wharf

Mick was given a small shopping list to keep us going until we reach Skipton. There’s some important baking that needs to happen this week and I needed a few things.

In Rowsley I had a reasonable cooked breakfast, everything gluten free. The toast was a little bit gummy, no hash brown as that had wheat in it and I don’t half miss having black pudding. In the dining room there were three other tables. One a couple heading off to explore, another an Italian couple, the third was JR Hartley and his mate, discussing where they’d be heading today to do a spot of fly fishing.

Level Centre

Across the road at the Level Centre I joined Vanessa Brooks and the Separate Doors company. Separate Doors works with an ensemble of learning disabled and none learning disabled actors, three very familiar faces from Dark Horse were there along with eight other actors, some of whom I’ve worked with before.

Everyone doing the warm up

This week the ensemble are working on an event called Directing Tomorrows Theatre, there were three guest directors who were all going to work scenes of a new play by Vanessa using the Silent Approach. This is a very different directing style which enables all actors to be on a level with each other, few words are used and it really is amazing how quickly a play can be put together. On their second day of rehearsals a run of the play was performed. A song, choreography and a lot of dialogue, all really quite amazing.

I was there to observe the first stages of the play coming together and to talk about how I work differently with learning disabled actors, enabling them to perform their job without having problems with costumes and props. Should the company be successful in getting funding the show will be performed next year. It’ll be a good one.

Two types of Bakewell Tarts and Bakewell Puddings in the background

Then it was time to make my way back to Leeds, retracing my steps. One bus disappeared, thankfully a lady from the Level Centre offered me a lift into Bakewell. Here I had plenty of time to have a stroll around and see which shop I thought was the one true original bakers who created the Bakewell Pudding!

Back through Sheffield

Back at Oleanna Mick had managed to find us a locking partner for the morning, a hire boat with four crew who’d come down from Skipton. It’ll be a very early start for us in the morning.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 lift, 1 bus, 1 late train, 11 actors, 4 directors, 1 movement director, 1 composer, 4 PA’s, 1 designer, 1 ham butty, 1 very interesting day, 1 cracking show, lots of fingers crossed for funding.

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