Checking It Twice. 31st January

King’s Marina

More packing, more trying to keep Tilly calm.

It’s amazing how much stuff you think you might need! I said the other day that we wouldn’t be taking as much back to the house as normal, well I think what we’ve left would equate to a small holdall! If it wasn’t for my work things the van would have been half empty.

How much stuff!!!!

Pictures of boats waiting to go through Maud’s Bridge during the hour window this morning appeared on the Trentlink facebook group. Eight boats in all, one that had been waiting at Keadby for almost two months! Later in the day there were more pictures from those who’d escaped and made it out onto the Tidal Trent.

Then late morning a C&RT notice came through.

Update on 31/01/2023:

The bridge has successfully been opened as planned this morning.

An emergency road closure has been secured, therefore the bridge will remain in a open position for navigation traffic whilst repairs are undertaken. 

Oh blimey, if we’d known that we’d have carried on downstream, saving an extra long road journey for Tilly. Well at least it’s open and we can start to plan.

Mustn’t forget Tilly!

By lunchtime just about everything was packed into the van. The dishwasher was set going for the last time, fridge and freezer were emptied. We’d made a list and checked it more than twice.

Gas off

Water pump off

Shower head laid in shower tray

Stop cock from water tank off (to stop the water tank syphoning into the shower tray)

Fridge and freezer left open

Duvet in vacuum bag

Yellow water tank emptied

Mini solar panel connected to starter battery

Central heating set to 2C


You’ve forgotten to pack these, I’ll get them out for you!

Ideally Tilly would have visited her litter tray shortly before she was to be packed put in her caravan for the journey. She’d been showing signs of needing to use the facilities, but had turned her nose up at the litter box. Well it was stinky! So I cleaned it out and put a light layer of clean litter in it for her. One sniff and still no visit!

Cat caravan at the ready

Everything was done, just Tilly now. Still no visit. We gave her until 3pm, still no visit! We both walked up to use the shore based facilities, still no visit. Time was up, time for the tussle into the caravan. I so wish it wasn’t a tussle. So do I!


Tilly was positioned between Mick and myself in the cab. How long would it be before we needed to stop? Five minutes and into the first layby on the A1. Another three stops were required. Tilly was saying lots, mumbling something about compensation from C&RT for her extended hell of a journey. Poor thing, if our original plan had happened then the journey would have been an hour shorter!

Thankfully there was a space on the street close to the house big enough for a van. Tilly was first out and closed into the utility room for a check over before she got free run of the house. Stop fussing! I need to check everything over!

Stairs and carpets, I like them

It took a good half hour to ferry everything into the house, it’ll take longer to move things to where they should be.

On our journey I’d placed an order for fish and chips from Capplemans, very nice they were too. Tomorrow an online shop will arrive, then I’ll need to sus out how to get a veg box again as Tree Top Press are not delivering for the next couple of months and Mick doesn’t fancy the bike ride out to Suffield to collect one, they are on the top of a very big hill!

Chippy tea

Christmas post was opened. I think I’ll allow myself to keep the cards on the mantle piece for a while, it’s after twelfth night after all!

Claire arrived back from a days work at the SJT. The Comedy of Errors (more or less) has been re-written by Elizabeth Godber and Nick Lane. It’s now an 80’s musical farce and I believe if Claire isn’t lying there may just be a giant lobster in it, well if you know anything of Nick Lane’s work, that really isn’t a surprise! It sounds like the actors have got their work cut out and that we’ll be hearing lots of 80’s songs over the next few weeks from Claires side of the house.

Christmas time!

Attention turned to tide times on the River Trent. Now knowing that Maud’s Bridge will be open to boat traffic we can start to plan moving Oleanna further up the country. This may be sooner than we’d originally thought. We just need tide times, lock opening times and weather to coincide with windows of opportunity between my work.

Tilly will not be joining us for the few days, as that would be very unfair on her. But we do wonder if she’d prefer travelling by train?!

0 locks, 0 miles, 2 full van, 1 escape pod flattened, 1 seriously miffed cat, 4 comfort breaks, 5 puppy pads, 1 cat refusing to lie down, 1 bumpy road across the wolds, 2 of each, 2 glasses wine, 1 more ball of yarn, 1 lodger, 1 bridge now OPEN! 1 cat needing to settle down, 1 blog having a short break, which might be shorter than we imagined.

PS. The email situation seems to have resolved itself. On Wednesday we were informed that the blog was being unresponsive and possibly not loading for some people. Mick was just starting to look into it when we received a second message saying Oleanna was back on line. We suspect that this may have corrected whatever had gone wrong with the emails. Thank you for your comments and glad everyone seems to be back.

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