One Faint Line. 10th October

Isis Lock to East Street, River Thames

Today was to be a day in Oxford, making use of being in a city we know. A visit to the fish market, Whittards to stock up on tea amongst other things. But first we had time for a breakfast.


Yesterday I’d started to get a bit of a sore throat and in the evening I did a lateral flow test, negative. Today the soar throat was accompanied by a headache. After breakfast I decided to take another test. There on the indicator below the big control line was a faint line. Mick checked it too, only just visible but it was there. I wouldn’t be going out shopping!

This afternoon we’d planned on dropping back down Isis Lock so that in the morning we could get a supermarket delivery whilst I headed to Chippy to sort through things I’d be needing next week when I start painting the set.


I cancelled my trip to Chippy, I may have to have a hand held zoom later in the week so that I get sent what I need. The covid policy at the theatre is that you can return to work 5 days after testing positive unless you still have symptoms. Here’s hoping I’m better next Monday!

Not enough room to wind above the lock

What to do? We could stay put, but that wouldn’t get the boat to Banbury where it needs to be for work. So we decided to carry on with our plan and hope that between the two of us we can manage to get to Banbury without coming into contact with anyone.

Going down

Mick reversed Oleanna back to the lock, he’d already been stopped by a lovely Canadian chap called Greg. I worked the lock taking great care to leave as much room between myself and Greg as possible, it may have seemed a touch rude backing away.

Then once down the lock we winded , returned down Sheepcote Wash, turned left back onto the Thames and pootled down the river to East Street. Winded again and pulled into a space. The demolition works at the Power Station were quite noisy so we nudged round to be in front of the façade that is being kept. Here we can get a delivery, then hopefully we’ll start to make our way up towards Banbury, doing our best to avoid people. I’ll have a mask in my back pocket to try to deter people and hand sanitizer before I touch anything. Here’s hoping it remains just a bad cold and that Mick doesn’t come down with it.

Covid view Day 1

Where might I have picked it up? Well almost certainly not from the lock keepers yesterday. Saturdays visit to the pub also seems a bit too close, but maybe my steak came with added covid! I think I’m most likely to have picked it up in Reading when I went on a hunt for shopping.

What will be, will be and only time will tell how we both do living in a confined space together.

1 lock, 0.54 miles, 2 winds, 1 left, 1 big delivery, 2 packets paracetamol, 2 boxes tissues, 1 big bottle of cough medicine, 0 shore leave for Tilly, 1 faint line, thank goodness it was this week not next!

4 thoughts on “One Faint Line. 10th October

  1. jennie230

    Hi Pip, I hope you are feeling better and did not suffer as much as I did. Also fingers crossed you did not pass the germs on to Mick. I was a good 9 – 10 days before I tested negative and even now some 12 days from the start, I am still very tired. Chris, thankfully, escaped with a cough and cold. Jennie xx

  2. Ade

    Oh dear! Hope you’re ok?
    Just catching up and the post started with a decent looking breakfast!

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