29mph, No Thanks. 7th April

Stoke Lock

Checking Windy, the Met office and the BBC confirmed that today would be windy. We didn’t fancy 29mph with gusts up to 45/50mph accompanied by heavy rain at times so we decided to stay put and finish off Saturdays newspaper in bed, this normally happens on a Monday morning, but for obvious reasons it was now Thursday.


A Sausage day! Well almost as they did pop out at one time leaving me to shut my eyes for a while. I remember it here, red sandyness under my paw pads. Steep banks for friend finding and pouncing. The trees are interesting too, but I was mostly kept busy with the friendly cover. Tom said I had to leave the woodpeckers alone anyway, so I did.

Indecisive tail

I had a chat with David mid morning. A touch of confusion had crept in about the way forward. We’d also all got confused as to who we’d met with on Tuesday. Was it the Crisis team? After David had rung round we were a touch more confused as the Crisis team had discharged him back to his GP and the GP … well.

David’s first mate Harry

With the numbers we’d called on Monday to hand David finally got things sorted. Yes he had been discharged from Crisis to the Community Mental Health Team and his GP had had a letter regarding this. He’d also heard from C&RT, they were giving him permission to over stay which was great news.

No Joke Plantation

I spent much of the day trying to update the blog, my normal morning routine not followed for a few days meant I was quite behind with some long posts to write, so it was good to get them done.


Then the bag of gluten free white bread flour came out. I’d seen a recipe for Hot Cross Buns a week or so ago which I’d wanted to have a go at. Tilly and I normally make Hot Paw Buns which have marzipan in them. They are very tasty but a little heavy so I wanted to see what this new recipe was like and if I could adapt it.

It’s been a while since I made bread with this flour, it always turned out a touch potatoey, suitable for toasting and adding a lot of butter to, a little like potato scones. Because of this I wasn’t too sure how it would turn out.

Left to rise

The dough was made up with what dried fruit I had on board, raisins and cranberries and left to rise whilst Mick and I went for a walk to the bins by the lock.


Stock Lock is the prettiest on the Trent, surrounded by woodland. We extended our walk across the lock gates to have a look at the weir, thundering it was. A few years ago a narrowboat was pushed over the weir, a lady was swept overboard, thankfully all survived, shaken up quite badly.

Our private little mooring

On return to the boat the buns had an egg wash and crosses added, then went in the oven and baked for half an hour. I made up a sugar syrup to glaze them with when they came out, they looked really quite promising.

Click photo for recipe link. Not bad, quite tasty but not as good as Hot Paw Buns

Verdict, not as good as hot paw buns, but not a bad second place. We just need to eat these before I’m allowed to make paw buns.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 day staying put, 1 near sausage, 9.5 hours for Tilly, 6 rain showers, 29mph, 1 sheltered mooring, we’d hardly have known, 10 hot cross buns, 1 more step on the right direction.

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