POWER! Leeds Liverpool Breach 11th October

Over the last couple of mornings Mick has been in the engine bay trying to solve our power problem. This morning he succeeded in getting things working again. Hooray!!! The lap top now has 100% power.

We’ve been able to keep moving so there is plenty to write about, well most of it is written in long hand so I didn’t forget it. Plus there are hundreds of photos to sort through so it will take some time to catch up with ourselves whilst still moving!

In other news however there has been a breach on the Leeds Liverpool Canal. Yesterday afternoon the following C&RT notice came through

A closure to navigation and towpath is required between Bridges 109 (New Barn Bridge) and 110 (Aspen Bridge) on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal in Rishton, while our engineers investigate significant leakage through the bed of the canal.

Due to the volume of water loss, please be advised that water levels between Barrowford Bottom Lock (No.51) and Blackburn Top Lock (No.52) may be affected and lower than normal.  We advise against unneccesary travel through this area until repairs have been completed.

Then this morning it was followed with this

Our teams have been working throughout the night to try and stabilise the significant leak between Bridge 109, New Barn Bridge and Bridge 110, Aspen Bridge, Rishton on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, unfortunately, during the early hours of this morning the canal bank has breached.

Dams are currently being installed onsite and our teams are organising a method of repair, including pumps to be able to pump water over the affected area to maintain a feed to the lower section of the canal.

To help conserve water in the surrounding areas, the following Lock Flights are closed:

  • Barrowford Locks
  • Blackburn Locks
  • Johnsons Hillocks
  • Wigan Flight

Another update will be put out tomorrow. This all seems very familiar to us. We obviously really feel for those affected and hope there is a speedier solution than there was on the Aire and Calder. We’re also glad we decided against going that way just over a week ago.