Nearly There! Breach 57.

On Friday there was a section in the fortnightly Boaters Update from C&RT about the breach on the Aire and Calder. In it they give the 23rd August as a date for reopening the navigation. I can almost hear the engines in Goole starting up!

Update on major maintenance work in Yorkshire & the North East

Over the past six months we’ve had to deal with unexpected failures of waterway components as well as some pretty horrendous stormy weather in the north of the country. We appreciate the adverse impact this has on boaters in the region and have been working tirelessly to get things back to normal as soon as we can.

Ariel shot of repair works on river

Repairs to the breach at New Bridge on the Aire & Calder Navigation are almost complete. The navigation will re-open on 23 August. A silver lining of this big project has been that we were able to take the opportunity to do other work on the navigation, which will minimise future disruption, during the stoppage:

  • Lemonroyd Sluices – Work to repair the sluices is still underway but the lock will be operational for the re-opening of the navigation. A further 1-day stoppage in September will be required to complete the work. This will be planned around freight movements.
  • Ferrybridge Lock – Gate replacement work finishes today (13 August).  
  • Dredging – Hydrographic surveys and sampling are complete and dredging is planned to commence next week from 16 Aug at Lemonroyd. Dredging at Ferrybridge will not commence until October to comply with environmental conditions. It is difficult to say exactly when the dredging will be complete as we, much like the rest of industry, are facing a shortage of lorry drivers which will impact dredging disposal. When the navigation opens all freight passage will remain on a reduced draft. Given the long period with no freight activity we would not recommend loading deeper than 2.0m (6’ 6”) with some ballast for the first few trips.
  • Dredging (South Sheffield & Yorkshire Navigations) – Survey work has been completed and potential areas for dredging identified.  A couple of the locations identified will be picked up as part of the spot dredging works. 
  • Edge Piles – Our engineers will continue to monitor the piles until remedial work can be undertaken. At this stage we do not anticipate any disruption to freight barge movements.

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      8 months and 2 days. Glad we made our escape when we did, 3 months of freedom

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