Hopefully The First. 16th July

St Pancras Cruising Club

The quote for a new circuit board and fitting came in around £70 +vat. They wouldn’t get the part until next Tuesday. If it turned out that that circuit board wasn’t the problem they would then order the other one and not charge us for the first visit. This all looked quite appealing, but would they come out to us if we carried on on our cruise up the Lee and Stort? Being somewhere handy for them to visit us is one thing, but each day the mooring fees are adding to the cost of the repair. Being hooked up to electric isn’t the same without a washing machine!

A chateau in France

Mick called them back after we’d mulled this over. Sadly they don’t have an engineer who covers up the Lee valley. We decided to pause the repair with Domestic Repairs Ltd, if we haven’t managed to sort it before hand we’ll wait until we are coming back through London and call them back out. The chap was understanding.

A new one of these please

The reconditioned board was ordered to be sent to my brothers, Mick spent much of the rest of the morning checking that he would be able to remove the circuit board and replace it. He is confident he’ll be able to do it. However if it turns out to be the other circuit board that is the problem, that is a different case, he hasn’t worked out how to remove that one! So here’s hoping it turns out to be the first one. Fingers crossed.

I headed to Waitrose for a few bits to keep us going. There was a market in the covered Market today. Lots of very tempting looking edible items, bread, rice dishes, cheese, samosas, cakes. Oh if only!!! The majority contained gluten and we’ve had a touch too much yummy cheese lately so I was good and stuck to my shopping list in Waitrose after inhaling some lovely smells.

Dames Pram with Baby and marrow

This afternoon I did a sketch of the Dames pram for panto. I’d asked for a Silver Cross pram, one of the lovely old fashioned ones. Well you can buy them brand new still if you happen to have £1800! We won’t be doing that as it would eat up all our props budget! I had a hunt round on ebay for a cheaper model and found one for £175. Still a lot of money and I’m sure Jo may be able to find one we can borrow and alter, or one that needs some work doing to it.

Just what would the chaps who worked here in Victorian days make of it now!

Late afternoon we heard the return of Graeme next door. A plan has been arranged to share some locks with him tomorrow, both boats heading eastwards. I think we’ll all be slapping on the sun cream if today was anything to go by.

0 locks, 0 miles, £70 plus, 1 of 2 boards, 1 board ordered for a DIY job, 0 oysters, 0 focaccia, 0 cake, 0 cheese, 1 heraldic green pram, 1 strawberry, 1 plan planned.

8 thoughts on “Hopefully The First. 16th July

  1. Mike Todd

    Glad you are beginning to pick up more stage design work. Suggests that there is perhaps some optimism around the corner.

    BTW, I have been curious to ask, but does Oleanna have any connection with David Mamet, who seems to be having a revival?

    1. Pip Post author

      Oleanna most certainly has a connection to David Mamet. It is one of the best plays I’ve ever seen. I have designed it too, for the New Vic in Stoke. Plus it is a place in a Norwegian folk song that is a most wonderful place to be. So apt on several levels.
      Both the shows I’m working on should have happened last year. Sadly the rise in covid cases means shows are now being cancelled as actors test positive, no matter what measures theatres take. It is a careful financial balancing act a lot of theatres are treading at the moment. I so hope things improve, but I think there is a very rocky road yet to be travelled.
      Glad to read you are back on the boat

      1. Ade

        Ahhhh the like button no worky now! I so enjoy a good like.
        Ade who can’t sign in either! And hasn’t been able to for ages!

        1. Pip Post author

          I can hear your frustration Ade. I’ve just tried the like button and it worked for me. Difficulty signing in in the past seems to have been at the readers end, unless WordPress has tinkered with something we are not aware of, we haven’t altered anything. Suspect you can’t like things unless you are signed in, hope the like button comes back for you soon.

          1. Dave (Scouts)

            Can confirm you have to log into wordpress to be able to “like”, its not sufficient to be logged into a google account.

      2. Mike Todd

        I cannot remember whether I have said this before but the Victoria Theatre, old building, in the round, Cheeseman, was a special place when I was a student at Keele. I still have a few surviving momentoes. The improvised historical productions were some of the best, esp The Knotty.

        After I posted before, I did pick up a report on the number of productions in trouble because of the ill considered App and so many folk in isolation, backstage as well. People do not always recognise how thin the margins often are and the loss of just one or two key people can be a disaster.

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