Sheep Worrying.12th June

Fessey Bridge 58 to Linford Wharf Winding Hole

Just over three and a half miles before our next lock this morning. This stretch is familiar as on our first trip to London and back we cruised it both ways as we had visitors who parked at Stoke Bruerne and had come to help man the locks. Andrew Jac and Josh helped us down before Christmas and Mike and Chris helped us back up after, each time we had a meal at The Barley Mow before returning to Stoke Bruerne.

Obligatory photo

Today we are still amused by the Elderly Ducks sign at Kingfisher Marina.

A wooden boat was enveloped with plastic sheets whilst having work done on it. A farmer and his sheep dog trained in a field, those poor sheep, back and forth.

At Thrupp Wharf the hedges have grown somewhat but we still managed to spy a familiar boat as we passed the entrance.

Solomon’s Bridge

After about three miles it was time to join the Geraghty’s for our weekly catch up. People are so small on a phone screen, but at least we’ve now worked out how to get more than one person showing at a time.

Hello everyone!

We made our excuses as we pulled up at the service block where we dealt with yellow and fresh water. As the tank filled we signed back in to family until it was time to pull away as a wide beam was waiting behind us.

Just beaten to the lock by another widebeam we now waited patiently for our turn. We dropped down to be level with Milton Keynes and then crossed the Ouse Aqueduct which always surprises me being so high up.

Crossing the Ouse

We made our way in to Wolverton mooring up away from the swans, the cob here having his own facebook page as he tends to argue with his own reflection, today he had a problem with an inquisitive cat in one of the flats.

Tilly was left with instructions not to wind the swans up as we headed off to Tescos. Tescos was busy, we were there on a Saturday so what did we expect! It really wasn’t pleasant and having to queue to pay rather than use scan and shop made it even worse. Asda across the road was less busy, a visit required as Tilly was running out of her current preferred food, fortunately they had a box of pink poultry in jelly. Trying to explain to a cat that you just can’t buy what they want and that there is plenty of what they liked a couple of months ago tends to fall on deaf ears.

We decided to carry on rather than have lunch before continuing. Would our luck be in to get a mooring at Great Linford? Would it be shady enough for the next couple of days as the temperatures are set to soar?

Round extensions

At Bridge 72, Bradwell Road Bridge building work is still on going on the off side. Extensions to a house seem to have been in build for sometime and they always catch our eye as we go past.

Wonder what he’ll have to say to us on Monday?

At the start of Great Linford Manor Park we could see several workmen all engrossed with their phones sitting around diggers, fencing surrounding them. Works going on in the park.

The off side moorings came into view. Until you are quite close you can’t make out if the two visitor moorings are free as they follow a line of permanent moorings. The first section was half empty, behind them was more fencing and a digger was very busy moving earth about.

Both spaces were free, right next to a very big hole where the digger was being busy. What’s going on? This was a very big hole! We pulled into a little bit of shade, the digger would stop at some point, but was it suitable and safe for an inquisitive cat?

There are big things happening at Great Linford at the moment following on from an award of £3.1million from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Many of the historic features of the park are showing signs of age. Here by the moorings the Water Gardens are having their walls rebuilt using local limestone. A bridge and cascade is being built between the two ponds restoring the flow of water. Lots more information on the works around the Park can be found HERE.

We decided to carry on a little bit further and pull in under the trees along the towpath. More accessible pathways have been created in the Wilderness which is great, but sadly it most probably means that the daffodil bulbs we planted in memory of Houdini our first second mate will have been dug up.

New paths

We remained in shade for some of the afternoon, the starboard side catching the rays later in the day. Tilly coped with the busy towpath as we coped with the music and general hubbub of being back amongst the human race in an urban area. The fire pit in the park beside us is still going as we head to bed, thankfully those enjoying it are quite quiet.

1 lock, 8.61 miles, 1 Briar Rose, 1 very busy shopping trip, 12 more days of feline supplies, 2 boxes of wine, 1 stroppy swan, 1 big building site, 1 park mooring still empty.

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