Saturday Update, Breach 45. 24th April


Another sunny Saturday another set of photos from Mark of the breach site. Thank you as always.


I have to say I wasn’t expecting much to have happened in the last week and to a certain extent not much has.

The access road into the cofferdam has been extended, lots more white aggregate has been piled up against the northern piling. This looks like it now goes over where the big puddle was last week.


They have dug out the silt/clay before adding the aggregate.


Along the piling there are a couple of yellow cables/pipes/sticks? No idea what these are for, maybe markers showing where the drain goes underneath.


It’s interesting comparing last weeks photos to this week.


There may be another yellow post on the southern side standing up above all the water pipes.

Whitley Lock, the next one up from Pollington has now developed a fault, a hydraulic leak making the paddles and gate inoperable. So unless contractors have been able to sort the problem this afternoon then the route between Pollington Lock and Sykehouse Lock on the New Junction Canal is closed again. Hopefully the problem won’t take long to fix.

Yesterday there was a chap who brought a little boat to Goole Boathouse to launch for a day out. He was unaware that the caisson had stop planks in it but as his boat wasn’t that deep it was thought that if he lifted his outboard engine he’d be able to glide over the top. His original plan was to head up to Pollington Lock, but Mick pointed out that he’d be lucky to get that far. The chap returned late afternoon quite astounded that the canal was totally blocked off at the breach site. Even so he’d had a lovely day out.

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  1. jetpackwaterwayroutescouk

    The posts look like lighting columns so work can continue during the hours of darkness or, perhaps, for security to discourage vandals or those who might wish to steal the expensive machinery that may be brought to this remote site.

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