Giant Anniversary. 15th February

Some people like facebook others hate it. Whilst out on Oleanna it has helped us stay connected to friends and family, near and far. Since 2014, when we moved on board Lillian I have posted a picture on facebook just about everyday. This morning my memories for today popped up on the screen of my phone. It’s always interesting to see if I can work out where we were and it also marks certain landmarks and events in life.

Titford Pumphouse

This time last year we battled our way through Storm Dennis to Titford Pumphouse to watch Heather and Kate of Alarum Theatre perform their latest show.

Sunrise over the Ings

Eight years ago I’d stayed the night at my Dad’s house and woke to the view of a private lake at the bottom, of the garden. The Ings doing their job holding flood water from the River Ouse, as they do several times a year.

Oh to be at Tixall Wide

In 2017 I was sat below on NB Lillyanne nursing a broken ankle in a boot. I sewed patchwork hexagons and watched Hitchcock films whilst Mick single handed us through Tixall Lock.

Two years ago we moored near Mexborough and started on a bit of a spring clean. This ended up with me offering my mobile phone to the gods of the deep after shaking a towel out of the hatch, which created a plop followed by the shiny exterior of my phone sinking into the depths of the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigations!

Oleanna right at the very beginning

Five years ago we hired a car to witness the start of the build of our boat. In Newcastle-under-Lymn the base plate of Oleanna lay on the floor of Tim Tylers workshop. We had a cuppa and walked over what was to become our home. The stern was chalked out ready to start the transformation from 2D to 3D. What an exciting day.

Back seven years ago was a very busy day. Starting with some TLC for some giant puppets who had battled the elements on Scarborough sea front the day before on the first night, Act 1 of Orpheus The Mariner, a large scale community project by Animated Objects. Then some joining together of willow, ribbon, ropes and ripstock close to Valley Bridge ready for Act 2. Followed by donning my Luminaries waterproofs ready to lead one of the giants to meet an even bigger giant puppet. What a day that was.

What will be my photo today?

Well, this morning Dawn and Lee, of Animated Objects, delivered some work to our front door. A spare room had been cleared and the floor covered with dust sheets. I now have a bakers dozen of giant sci-fi guns that need covering in muslin, glue and paint. That’ll keep me busy for a while.

0 locks, 0 miles, 5 years of Oleanna, 7 years since a giant, 13 guns, 15 metres muslin, 5 litres PVA, 5 litres black emulsion, 5 cheap brushes, 1 bubble carpenter, 50 years since counting my new pennies.

Happy Birthday Oleanna, sorry we can’t be with you!

5 thoughts on “Giant Anniversary. 15th February

  1. Dimitrios Theologitis

    Happy birthday Oleanna indeed. Many happy travels!
    Our Galene 5-year anniversary is somewhere in August this year, wonderful memories.
    All the best to both of you, your posts keep us in the mood when we cannot be on board our boat, thank you.
    Greetings from Brussels
    Dimitrios & Carine

    1. pipandmick Post author

      Thank you Dimitrios. Hopefully you will be able to celebrate Galene’s anniversary on board this summer.
      Hope all is good in Brussels

  2. happystitches

    Congrats to Oleanna and you both. This situation makes us all very reflective. Still pining for the canals but grateful in so many others ways. Thanks for all your news and pics.

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