Surprises. 26th April

Lockdown Mooring 4 to Cholmondeston Water Point to Lockdown Mooring 4

A surprise biscuit was added to Tilly’s breakfast this morning. Fewer biscuits than normal too. The surprise biscuit is a touch smaller than the rest, a slightly different shape but a similar colour, that’s if the cut side is turned away from the consumer. The biscuits were put down on Tilly’s mat first thing and checked periodically to see if the surprise had been eaten.

The prettiest garden on our route today

After an hour or so of shore leave the doors were closed, despite the constant whinging the doors stayed shut and we made ready to push off. We reversed under Bridge 97, winded at the bottom of the Hurleston flight and then headed northwards to Barbridge junction.

Out for a ride

This morning there hadn’t been as much weedy scum around us, yesterday at times there had seemed to be quite a flow on the cut, maybe intentional to refresh the water. But we soon caught up with the slime where it had congregated.

It’s good to be moving even if just for a short time

I stood at the bow as we approached Barbridge as look out. All was clear as we turned onto the branch. We’ve not been this way for a few weeks, so it was a nice change of scenery.

As we reached the end of the line of moored boats we came across the biggest patch of green so far. Bleurgh!! In a few weeks time will a trip to the water point no longer be an essential reminder of cruising but become one plagued with trips down the weed hatch to clear the prop?

Blimey slimey!

A lady warned us that by Venetian Marina was very busy with boats, but we told her we’d be back shortly as we had no intention of descending the lock. We met NB Halsall close to a bridge, no need of a top up of diesel today, the sun has been doing it’s job with our solar so we’ll last a while longer.


The same boats were still moored towards the lock. As we pulled up the boat nearest the water point had just finished filling up so things were perfectly timed. The bathroom got a good clean as the tank filled. Vessels were also filled, the kettle, the bottle used to rinse the separator on the toilet, the spray bottles topped up too.

This looks great!

This outside looked very good, plenty of fresh green friendly cover. But all they did was get the hose out and give Oleanna a drink. All I was allowed to do was watch from my shelf. Then all too soon the outside was untied and allowed to drift away backwards until Tom turned it round again.

Will we be able to see this couple next time we visit?

Back to the junction and back towards Hurleston. One of the chaps moored by the bottom of the locks has been busy signwriting his boat. He’s been doing a very lovely job, including three coats of yellow paint before adding details and shadows. Yellow is always a bad colour for coverage.

Busy narrow towpath down the branch

He stood up as we passed saying that he had designed the perspex yellow bike from the Tour de France we have in our window from 2014 at Hebden Bridge. His son had made them. We’d seen them in shops around the town and had managed to hunt down one of the last ones. We’re not ones for plaques, but the yellow bike is a prized possession of ours.

The same two rings were tied to with innies and then the back door opened up.

This one, again!!

Surprise Tilly!

We’re in the same outside yet again!!!!

At first she didn’t seem too impressed, the strands of grass she’d not finished eating this morning still sat on the hard edge. After a few minutes of confusedness, she was away through the sideways trees and back in the field hunting out her friends.

That’s the same
so’s that!

0 locks, 5.61 miles, 0.25 in reverse, 2 winds, 1 right, 1 left, 1 wormer consumed, 1 load washing, 0 blackthorn blossom, 5 scummy stretches, 1 coal boat, 1 covid hello,1 full water tank, 1 threatened rain storm, 1 synopsis read, vegetable research required, 1 lazy starter!