Vienna Postcard 1. 9th January

As there have been a few comments looking forward to postcards from Vienna, I felt a little under pressure. So I thought today I’d share my breakfast with you.

Viennesse breakfast

A different cooked breakfast to one of Mick’s and sorry that the photo isn’t the best, but to my phone enables me to post.

I had some scrambled egg, tomatoes with melted cheese on top, the thinnest crispiest bacon I’ve ever come across and some sautéed veg, which included aubergine peppers and courgettes. I avoided the sausages as they were guaranteed to have gluten in them and didn’t look that appetising.

I did also have a bowl of fruit. I suspect for the next few days breakfast will end up being my main meal of the day, it’s also free!

German word of the day Prickelnd. This was on a bottle of water, my phones translated it as Tingly.