The Last Post. 20th December

Bascote Aqueduct

Six and a half hours She said. Bloomin brilliant! I love days when she says that early on, so much time to explore and report back about friends, trees that need climbing can be given all the time they require. Tom opened the doors for me.


WHAT!!!! Rain! They didn’t mention anything about rain!

They keep doing this to me, letting me into the outside when it’s wet. They keep the dry outsides for themselves and let me have the wet ones. She says it’s not their fault, yet She expects me to go out and get wet and then complains when I come in with muddy paws! Well She should knit me some socks that I can take off at the back door then.

Last socks to Christmas

Whilst it rained Tom looked at his screen and She knitted, her last pair of socks before Christmas. She wanted to get them in the post today, so everything else had to wait until she’d sewn the ends in, taken loads of photos and then wrapped them up, twice.

They were clean too!

I by now was bored of watching the rain from the shelter of the pram cover so ventured out, well I needed a wee really. On my return I needed to dry off and return my paws to being white, She didn’t appreciate me wanting to be by the stove on her knee.

The last post missed

It kept raining, all day long. She put her coat on, I thought we were going to go for a walk like we sometimes do. But No! I had to stay inside whilst she went out to post those socks! Tom said I wouldn’t like the big busy road. When he finally let me back out She had gone. Still it rained and rained some more.

How am I meant to keep things white in this?!

I ventured out a couple of times, but my paws just got too muddy and wet necessitating flicking them. Along from our mooring a woofer had left a deposit, what on earth had it been eating? Well at least it was colourful, festive pooh.

Balloons? Glitter? At least it stood out from the mud

She came back and suggested going for a walk. What in this?! Stupid woman. Instead we all settled down and did our Christmas cards. I only send a couple a year, the most important one to BJ cats, the ladies who rescued me and let me come to live on a boat. They get loads of photos of me living my life.

Tom and She sent out their cards. A strange choice of photo I thought, but an impressive sight that is no more apparently. She grew up with Ferrybridge as a land mark and wanted me to explain. In July this year one cooling tower was demolished, then a further four were blown up in October, leaving only three. A shame as they looked like really good things to climb, bet there was a great view from the top.

Do you know what? After cat curfew, at around 4pm it stopped raining! Well thank you so much for that!


When they went to bed though I spotted a chance for a bit of night exploration. But she heard strange noises and Tom was sent to investigate. Damn! My distraction technique had worked in getting Tom to leave the hatch open when he’d checked the ropes. Sadly he’d closed the outside outside the pram cover. She has really good hearing, maybe I should get her some ear muffs for Christmas.

0 locks, 0 miles, 6.5 hours of pure wetness, 1 damp wee, 1 last sock, 1 last post, 1 sparkly pooh, 2 much snoozing, 2 many puddles, 4 muddy paws, 2 hands wanting something to knit.

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