Family. 30th June

Cassiobury Park

My favourites

Today the temperature has dropped to a rather pleasant one. We both managed to sleep pretty well last night which was a relief. We had a slow morning getting ourselves together to venture across the capital.

Photo courtesy of Josh Leckenby

Reaching Watford meant that we were within walking distance of the tube and could leave Tilly in charge under the shelter of the trees for the day whilst we headed over to my brothers in Hackney. The solar panels would happily look after the batteries.

Choo choo

With two birthday presents, bottles of wine and bags of pasta and couscous that we no longer eat, we walked across the park, pausing for the miniature railway to cross in front of us. The whole of Watford seemed to be out making use of the park.


The Metropolitan Line took us to Finchley Road with views across London towards The Shard and BT Tower. Here we walked a few minutes up the road to Finchley Road and Frognall Station on the Overground which whisked us over to Homerton. There were plenty of Americans heading their way to the Olympic park to watch the baseball.

Able to sit out in the shade of the tree

We had a lovely afternoon and early evening with Andrew Jac and Josh, in true Leckenby style with plenty of food, good conversation and a drink or two, or three, or four!


Friday had been Andrew’s birthday, we’d hoped to have got to London by then, but with work, a change of tenants in the house we got delayed. Anyway he’d developed man flu and his birthday was spent mostly in bed feeling poorly. Good that he had brightened up for today.

Big Barbeque
Small joint of lamb!

Birthday presents were exchanged, Mick got a Tippy Tip for the ash from the stove and a solar powered light we can put out the back, whilst Andrew got a steamer/rice cooker and some old maps of Hackney.


What did we eat? Lots of nibbles, a leg of lamb that had been marinated overnight in spices that was started off on the barbeque and then left to slow cook along with various salads. Pudding a Pavlova.

Jac Mistress of the Pavlova

Our return journey back across London was into the setting sun. Another lovely Sunday.


0 locks, 0 miles, 19 miles as the crow flies, 2 tubes, 2 overgrounds, 1 for free, £5.60 for me the youngster, 4 presents, 1 giant leg of lamb, 1 bigger Pavlova, 7 hours of conversation, 1 rebuilt Jac, 1 boat still here, 1 very hungry cat.