Replenishing Stocks Just Enough. 15th June

Haines Bridge to almost pole position at Great Linford

Last night we almost ran out of wine! Supplies on board of all sorts have been gradually running low. We’ve not had the chance to have a delivery for a while so we only stock up on items that are needed. Our evening meal last night was created from what I could find in the drawers and fridge, a nice chicken and mushroom risotto (thank you Christine for the dried mushrooms at Christmas), but today we would be down to emergency tuna pasta. We had to go shopping today.

Wide beam just winded

Mick pootled us along as I carried on trying to paint bits of model between being needed. Thrupp Wharf came into view, the bridge over the canal having several cars parked on it, boats here there and everywhere including a wide beam that without warning winded at the entrance to the marina in front of us. Permanent moorers weren’t impressed with the chap at the helm and wished Mick luck following him.

Solomon’s Bridge

I managed some red painting before we reached Solomon’s Bridge where I managed to take it’s photo from the hatch. The wide beam soon pulled in opposite the Barley Mow. Green paint followed before we pulled in at the services. The yellow water needed to be emptied along with disposing of the other contents from our waterless toilet. By the bins was an amount of wood, I helped myself to a length for kindling as we’d run out.

Cosgrove Lock

Cosgrove Lock was sat open waiting for us, either self opening, blown open or a lazy boater having not gone back to close the gate. The gates on the lock looked like they were new this year along with a stretch of high wooden fencing behind the wall. Some trees have gone since we were last here and the fencing means you can no longer watch the Lamas and other beasts behind the wall whilst the lock empties or fills. Maybe they have gone too.

The Ouse looking full below

The white paint came out from my paint box, mixed with some PVA to help solidify some thin bits of card I’d just started to apply it when I noticed flats outside, we’d arrived at Wolverton. There were only a couple of rings left at the end just past NB Carpe Diem. The wind buffeted off the tall buildings pushing Oleanna into the off side as the lady we’d met yesterday came out to say the same had happened to them. Mick did his best to ignore her as keeping Oleanna out of the undergrowth was a bit more important to concentrate on. A boat behind was just pulling out so we reversed to take their spot. The rings here didn’t really work for us, the wind still pushing Oleanna away from the bank. As soon as Carpe Diem moved off we could tie up better and helped another boat moor up.

Trains Planes

With a bike as sherpa we walked down to Tescos with quite a long shopping list. We returned with four heavy bags despite Leighton Buzzard only being a couple of days away (there are moorings right outside Tescos there). The steps down to the towpath necessitated de-bagging the bike but we managed.

After a late lunch we pootled on some more. Mick at the helm, me at work, Tilly asleep. We’d discussed how far we’d go today, Fenny Stratford, Campbell Park, there wouldn’t be any space at Great Linford, not on a Saturday afternoon. How wrong were we! There was space, not the prime position with the view right up to the pub, but there was space. So we pulled in deployed the tyre fenders due to the submerged ledge and let the cat out.

Great Linford, here’s hoping gravity doesn’t get too much for the trees here

1 lock, 6.92 miles, 1 aqueduct, 1 wee tank empty, 1 pooh bucket empty, 1 length of timber, 3 colours paint, 1 almost dry day, 2 boxes wine, 1 pork joint, 1 box of model bits getting more colourful, 3 hours, 1 favourite mooring almost, 5 yappy shitinyourshoe neighbours, 1 cool cat.

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  1. Adam Porter

    Yes, Cosgrove Lock had new gates this past winter. The top ones still open on their own. The lama cottage has changed hands, I believe, so the animals and trees have gone, and the fence has gone up.

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