Highlight Of The Day. 12th March

To the water point and back, Goole

Wet, windy and rainy … what’s new! We’re getting used to this weather now.
Tilly wasn’t impressed though, it took quite some time for her to get out of the back doors and across to the trees this morning. But once there she kept herself busy, returning only for ‘Thank you for coming home’ treats and to leave her muddy paw marks everywhere!
Our thoughts turned to stocking up. From our mooring it is getting on for a mile and a half walk to Tescos, then the same back with heavy bags. With high winds and Storm Gareth (The Dark Lord) on his way we decided on a delivery. There is a track that comes right alongside the mooring and so long as the driver keeps going he’ll get to us. So we spent quite a bit of today putting together our shopping list. Enough supplies to see us to the end of the week.
Exol Pride fully laden but not going anywhere

River levels surrounding us are still not good. We may be on a stretch of canal, but which ever way we go we have to go onto a river to get to more of the canal network. The Ouse, The Aire, The Don or The Trent are our captors or seen another way our means of escape. 
Excitement! A trip to the tap 
Filling up

 With the wind calmer than of late we decided to head across to the water point for a top up before things got worse. Tilly came home when called and we untied all the ropes and pushed off. So exciting to be on the move!

DB Dolly Earle had breasted up to a wide beam just by the water point. So we winded to be able to get our nose in amongst their ropes.

Whilst topping up the tank we also wanted to dispose of our mountain of rubbish. I wonder how often the bin here gets emptied? We’d normally have kept hold of our rubbish, but space on board was starting to run out, so we added to the biffa bin mountain. 
Over flowing

As we pushed off to return back to our mooring the wind started to pick up. It was manageable  but boy it was cold. Mick decided to redesign his macrame and swapped ropes around. Being able to get ropes back to Oleanna meant he could tie them off tighter, spring lines added too. We felt a lot more secure and less likely to move around biffing the side.
As the evening has progressed the wind has built up. I’m glad Mick has perfected our mooring lines, just hope the chap behind us on his little cruiser is okay.
0 locks, 0.4 miles, 2 winds, 2 outside changes, 1 the same as before, 1 full water tank, 1 rubbish mountain, 1 delivery organised, 2 yarns proving hard to find, 1 perspective new boater chat, 1 commission arrived, 1 pork joint finally finished.

PS Those who get this by email, are they coming through okay? Last week we had reports of a post without photos and tonight one that was just blank.

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