Rivers Up. 13th March


Not as bumpy last night as it could have been. The wind still buffeted us about no end with the occasional downpour. Both of us managed to sleep quite well, the new macrame worked a treat.
Ducks struggling in waves bigger than themselves (not the best photo)
With the wind still going for it Tilly was grounded for much of the day. She tends to stay away a little bit too long when it’s windy, we think she looses her scent trail home. That is not the case at all! I always know where home is. There are just far too many things moving that all need investigating.
Later in the afternoon her winging at the back door got the better of us and we relented.
Right to the door

Early afternoon our delivery arrived, the van being able to park up right outside the boat. Sadly there were a few items not available but we’d already had an email about them. No loose parsnips, I had ticked that they could substitute these. Which they had done, with Leeks! These went back, but as I unpacked I came across a bag of parsnips, which hadn’t made it to our receipt! So more than I wanted and free. Tomorrow we’ll brave the wind and walk to Tesco for the missing bits.
York at 3:30pm today and still rising

Today we were originally planning on heading up the Tidal Ouse to Naburn, this we’d cancelled several days ago. Checking levels and webcams today the Ouse was doing what it does well at this time of year. 
The No Entry sign outside the Lowther has been submerged above the white line on occasions, luckily not today. 
That’ll be in the red then

Checking levels on the Aire, there would be no doubt that it would be in the red today. It may well be above the red level marker as it’s currently 8ft higher than an average height.
Paul and a bored cat

We’ll not be escaping for a while yet.
0 locks, 0 miles, 2 boaters and 1 cat hunkered down in the wind, 1 delivery, 2 boxes of wine only, 1 new post, 1 guilty, 8ft high, 4 ropes better than 2, 1 new sock nearly finished.