Three Ships. 10th March

You guessed it Goole

Tilly finding the sun again
This morning we had a phone call from the Lock Keeper at Naburn, this is the lock that takes you off the tidal River Ouse onto the reach that passes through the city. He was calling to inform us that the river was up and that the moorings at Naburn were under water. We’d already guessed as much and with the Aire having levelled out over night at 3ft higher than a week ago we wouldn’t be getting to Selby in time anyway. Mick chatted to the chap and cancelled our booking. Selby currently is unmanned, but a Lockie would have been there on Wednesday for us, now there is no need.
A shame as we really wanted to take Oleanna to York. It’s where I was born overlooking the Ouse in Fulford, my home til the age of 22 and where Mick worked for 14 years. We still have lots of friends in the area and it is also the closest we can get Oleanna to Scarborough to be able to catch up with folk there. But when the Ouse floods it’s best to respect it and stay away. The floods now are nothing compared to what it can get like, but the flows would be strong, moorings under water and we’d constantly be checking on our ropes as there are no floating pontoons in the centre of York. Our trip by boat will have to wait until next time we’re near.
Bye then
Mick headed off to catch a train this morning leaving Tilly and myself in the sunshine. What a lovely day to not be cruising. No rain all day, it may be the only good day for the rest of the week, oh well.
Once Tilly had returned from one of her numerous visits to the trees to annoy the local bird life, I locked up the boat and went for a walk. Yesterday on Vessel Finder we could see six boats in the docks, so that is where I headed, not hard as just about anywhere from the moorings takes you through the docks.
I saw three ships
I got to the end of Albert Street and turned right and headed for Ocean Lock. Last night must have been busy, as today I could count nine ships.
Another two
It seemed that Friendship S was having to wait in line behind another ship to be unloaded as it was moored up against the walkway to the lock.
Timber maybe
Cranes and trucks were busy moving goods around all over the place. 
From the lock gates I could see that the tide was quite high out on the river. We haven’t been able to work out when boats come through the locks, whether it’s at high tide or low. Some days it’s just as the tide turns that ships head out towards the Humber, other times it’s towards low water. No ships looked like they were getting ready to leave but I headed to see what could be seen from north of the locks.
Entrance to Ocean Lock almost central, Victoria Dock on the right
Here a flood bank blocks your view somewhat, but the houses behind it are grateful as they seemed to be siting a touch lower than the water on the river. Climbing to the top I could see where the entrance to Ocean and Victoria Locks were. No boat movements visible.
Sailor Memorial
Here the Goole Sailor Memorial sits, behind a high fence and gates. Those who died in service during the two World Wars are commemorated here over looking the Ouse.
Shuffleton Windmill
A windmill stands close to the flood bank in Shuffleton. George Heron owned the mill in 1870, the sails removed in 1893 and the original mill was rebuilt in 1912. Every year the Shuffleton Feast took place on the river foreshore. The highlight of which was to climb a greased pole to try to win a large ham that was stuck to the top of it.
Quite grand in the middle of a terraced street
My walk towards the shops took me along terraced streets. Some of the houses double fronted standing out from those around them. Sadly I haven’t been able to find any information on them.
I collected a few bits of shopping and returned to Oleanna. We now had a neighbour a small cruiser, the owner having headed out for supplies. Boats were on the move today, making use of the dry day. A cruiser passed and then DB Dolly Earle came past waving as he headed to breast up with a widebeam by the water point.
Chicken and Sweet Potato pie. Yummy!
This evening we’ve enjoyed a  chicken and sweet potato pie covered with my latest batch of puff pastry. It’s so nice to be able to enjoy a pie again and this one we’ll be having again as it was very tasty. With the VHF radio on we listened to three of the ships leaving through Ocean Lock and the approach of Exol Pride who had to stem the tide and wait it’s turn. Wonder when she will head up the canal as the River Don is high again.
 0 locks, 0 miles, 4 trains, 4 bike rides, 5 mile walk, 9 ships, 3 going, 2 coming in, 3 boats moving, 1 sunny day, 1 spoil sport noisy bird, 5 hours.