Hailing Goole. 10th March


A day to stay inside for most of us. Wind, sun, rain, hail, more wind and more hail! 
Tilly did her best to be outside, but at times the wind was a touch too much for even her.
The hail was avoided by all of us, apart from the bits that bounced off the roof and jumped in under the mushroom vents.
Safe from the hail

The river levels keep rising and falling. I hunted through my old pictures of Bank Dole lock to see if I had one of the levels board there. Gaugemap shows the height difference of the river at Knottingley Lock, but what we don’t know is at what height the river goes into the amber and then the red. I was hoping to make an educated guess if I had photos, but none were to be found. 80cm higher than it had been 5 days ago suggested it would more than likely to be in the red.
Checking the webcam in York showed what we’d expected, the river being full to the brim at King’s Staith again. Every now and then a cruiser shows itself on the moorings outside The Lowther, but they have far more power than a narrowboat.
So for the time being we’ll be staying put. The forecast isn’t too hopeful for the rest of the week with strong winds every day. 

My box set of Inspector Morse was opened. You can watch most Morse episodes in any order as there is little underlying plot story to story. So we chose to watch Death of the Self, mostly because my friend Jane Snowden was in it and she gives Morse a snog!
Big and red!

Late afternoon the hail had dried up and the sun was out. Time to see if my latest creation would fit. Mick offered to kneel on the gas locker and do the honours whilst I directed. It fitted perfectly, just needed to be attached in some way.
Cable ties should hold it

A couple of cable ties to the shackles did the trick. If we could get one in lower that would be better, but that would involve pushing the stern out to get the bow closer to the bank and in this wind … well we might not get the stern back!
Red Nose

So Oleanna now has a Red Nose for Comic Relief on Friday.
Shame nobody except us is likely to see it, but if we don’t go anywhere it won’t end up with mud on it from lock gates. It is a vast improvement from my previous version.
Previous version, too small, but Lillian’s button was at a better height.

0 locks, 0 miles, 3 hail storms, 2 lots of thunderous thunder, 1st 4 ply sock needing adjustment, 2nd version started, 1 giant red nose attached, 1 Morse watched, 1 roast chicken for tea.

Next on the needles

3 thoughts on “Hailing Goole. 10th March

  1. Jennie

    I do love the red nose, Pip – very clever. I hope you are not stranded for too long, but you look safe enough where you are. How far away are the nearest shops, water etc? Jennie

  2. Pip and Mick

    Thanks Jennie and Ade. I quite like it too, just a shame Oleanna's bow fender isn't a touch higher.Goole is okay, very windy today and quite a long walk to the shops, but we're getting a delivery today, just hope the van doesn't blow over!Pip

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