21,915 Days Old. 20th May

Bridge 32 to Not quite Tibberton

P1310782smBefore getting up this morning there was the very important job of Birthday present giving to be done, this would at last free up space in the drawer under my side of the bed for some of that wool that arrived the other day!

P1310783smCards, badges, wrapping paper, lots of chocolate, some sheepskin slippers from Tilly and a new tablet/mini laptop from me, the boy did well.

P1310788smP1310790smNext breakfast, my version of mushrooms on toast (in a white sauce) with a bit of bacon added and a couple of hash browns, well it was a special day. Just a shame it looked like a 1970’s beige brown breakfast as it was tasty.

We were in no rush to get anywhere today so Tilly had been allowed out first thing, when she returned we’d move on a bit, not far, just somewhere we hoped would be suitable for a barbecue. Whilst we waited we made use of being out in the countryside and emptied the yellow water tank, giving the hedgerows a treat.

P1310792smP1310801smOn through Dunhampstead Tunnel the sign at Forge Studio giving us a much needed weather report!

P1310794smAlong with all the trees having grown green and fat and the abundance of blossom, all the pale dried reeds that border the canal on each side here are now being caught up with this years growth. Exactly a month ago we came along here and the new growth was only about 6 inches high, it’s now 3 foot. A boat held back for us to carry on along the avenue.

Once out of the reeds we were looking for a suitable place to stop, wide towpath, some armco, not too many nettles and not too close to the railway. Just before the last bend to Tibberton looked promising and on second attempt we managed to get close enough to the side to pull in for the day.

The moorings by the pub were empty, but our spot was better, wider and more rural for Tilly.

P1310817smA small lunch, which mostly consisted of birthday cake before we settled down for the afternoon. Mick spent much of his time updating his new tablet and sorting out its settings. Still with an abundance of data it made sense to get everything updated now, although we’re sure Windows will sneak in an extra update just as our monthly allowance returns to normal! With Tilly out and Mick busy with his new toy the boat was very quiet. We may never speak to each other again as we now both have a keyboard each!

P1310818smP1310826smIn the evening we lit the barbecue and enjoyed a full spread. Sweat corn to start, veg kebabs, salmon, marinated steak and chocolate bananas for pudding all washed down with a bottle of Gavi. Unfortunately the fireworks I’d arranged were set off far too early, whilst it was still light so we couldn’t appreciate them!

DSCF7114sm0 locks, 2.47 miles, 1 tunnel, 2 outsides, 1 expensive cardboard box not appreciated, 2 slippers, 2 in 1 tablet thingy, 2 outsides, 8.30pm dingding (they are slacking!), 1 birthday wee tank empty, 1 birthday breakfast, 1 birthday cake, 8 candles (didn’t want to set the alarms off), 1 peacock, 2 persistent cuckoos,  2 cobs of corn, 2 guiding lights, 3 steaks, 4 kebabs, 2 salmon steaks, 2 bananas, 10 chunks of chocolate, 4 rockets, 3 daddy long legs, 3 full tummies, 1 boy now 60!


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