Third Time. 18th May


Whilst sitting still we are making the most of the proximity of the water tap and the sun being out. All winter waterproofs and padded clothing have been washed and re-waterproofed and are ready to be vacuum packed to go back under the bed until Autumn. Cleaning things has been put on hold as my nose needs blowing far too often, that mushroom can wait a while longer along with painting the gunnels, sanding back the cratch frame to recoat it and giving a length of grabrail some attention.

P1310601smThey moved the outside a couple of days ago and today, but they didn’t fool me, it was exactly the same one when I got to go out again! That’s the third time they’ve moved the outside to this one, maybe it’s just a big circle and it keeps on going round us. I now know where is good for friends and I’m getting to recognise the local woofers and know which are the noisy ones. Yesterday one stood and shouted at me for ages! Stupid thing, there is no point trying to have a discussion with them, they just shout the same thing over and over and over again! Shouting never got anyone anywhere and it certainly wasn’t going to get me or them any closer.

Mick checked through the TV guide and came across a lunchtime programme that we got hooked on when we wintered in Newark 2015. The Doctor Blake Mysteries, we got to see three series back then and the one currently following Doctors is series 5. Have we missed a whole series? Set in 1950’s, now 1960’s Ballarat Australia, Craig McLachlan, yes him from Neighbours, is a local GP who deals with post-mortems in the area. Mick likes the vintage cars and I like the costumes along with the story lines. We were always a bit surprised with the daytime slot it was given. Already part way through the series we have caught up on the first few episodes trying to use up a bit of our double data allowance.

P1310610smThe weather is lovely, just a shame I really don’t want to be out boating in it. Moving to get water this morning used just about all the energy I could muster. Instead the TV is on and I’m making good progress through the mountain of wool that arrived the other day. I’d been crocheting a large throw and run out of yarn for it, so with new supplies it is well on the way to being completed and is very nicely keeping my lap warm as I add the last few inches.

Here’s hoping my cold disappears before the sun does. We’re also hoping that I don’t pass it on to Mick.

0 locks, 0 miles, 2nd box tissues, 10 strepsils, 2 boxes drugs used up, 5th whole day exploring, 1 shouty shouty deaf woofer not capable of listening to reason, 3rd time, 1 Blackbird so looking forward to us moving on, 5th series, 4 episodes of Yerrs, 40 rows to go.