Shopping For Drugs. 16th 17th May


On Tuesday we spent sometime vaguely working out the rest of the week, where we might be and when. A top up with water, move to nearer the shops, do a big shop, limbo (if we can) under the M5, up the locks, turn right, fill with diesel and then carry on to Worcester (taking a couple of days as we’re in no rush), maybe a couple of days there before heading down the river to ‘I do like a good’ Tewkesbury. If we are too high for the M5 then we would spend much of the first day reversing back to where we were moored to be able to wind and retrace our steps back to the river. I was wanting to try to work out where we might be on Sunday evening and find somewhere for a nice birthday meal for Mick’s 60th or if we’d be able to have a barbeque in a suitable spot.

But all our planning has gone to pot, as on Wednesday I woke with a very sore throat and during the day my nose joined in. The only shopping that was done was to top up on Lemsip and Strepsils. Today the sore throat has moved down to my chest which usually means a couple of days being breathless and snotty. Great!! Yesterday morning nurse Tilly stayed on my toes keeping them warm for several hours, it was a grey day. But today the sun is out and after a couple of extra head nudges first thing she got bored and wanted to be off doing what she’s very good at, being a thug in the park.

P1310600smThe washing machine can keep busy as we are near a water point and the weather is perfect for drying. We’ll need to top up before leaving anyway to make sure we are sitting as low as possible in the water for our attempt at limboing.

Thank you Steve for your suggestion of using Miracle Brass-Brite on our stubborn mushroom. Sadly we ran out of our supply whilst preparing NB Lillyanne for sale last year and as we don’t have brass we hadn’t thought of buying more. We’ll see if the next chandlers has any. Duncan has also suggested trying Coke. I’ll try soaking a cloth in it and leaving it on the mushroom for a while as removing the top part to be able to soak it would be very tricksy. The mushroom does however look like the chrome coating has somehow been stripped off on the majority of it. I’ll carry on trying things.

0 locks, 0 miles, 0.5 boxes tissues, 5 lemsips, 3 lots of cold drugs, 1 weeks planning out the side hatch, 1 photo for two days, 1 more sad gits meal, 4 strepsils and counting.