I Knew Where My Funnel Was! 29th March


Filling Oleanna up with new oil

With more washing on the cards and an engine service imminent we got on with more chores today.

Water Only

Boys use only

Mick got on with changing the oil and tightening the stern gland. Not sure if it was just a ‘boy look’ but Mick couldn’t find his oil funnel in the stern lockers, so he made a request to use the one we’d bought for topping up the water tank when the canal was frozen. This had been marked and stored away in the galley for safe keeping (I knew where my funnel was!). As we’re not likely to need it until next winter I let him use it.

Wagtail watch

There's still plenty of room in thereThere is just no point in even thinking about spending much time outside today. Anyway Tom still doesn’t want me to help him in the box at the back, so the doors stayed shut. So I just had to keep an eye on the wagtails from inside instead and help with the washing.

Primer and undercoat ready for drier weather

I got on with  a bit of research regarding paints. The other day Mick found a section of grab rail where the paint is starting to lift, I also came across a small bubble under one of the cleats on the grab rail. Even though I touched up the paint on Lillian a few times I wanted to double check on the right things to use for Oleanna. Being almost next door to Limekiln Chandlers it would be silly not to pick up anything that I needed. After reading and watching a couple of youtube videos it looks like I wasn’t just getting away with it, I just needed some more primer and some suitable undercoat. A quick dash through the rain and we were stocked up.

Oleanna had a sweep through and more loads of washing went through the machine.

About a month ago I was reprimanded by my friend Frank for the lack of sausage rolls being made onboard of late, apparently Steve has been missing the photos of them!

In the making

I’ve not been making them as often as I used to, mostly due to me trying to avoid normal pasty. But in Sainsburys the other day they had gluten free puff pastry, so we bought everything needed. Because Josh, my nephew won’t be eating them it meant that we could get pork and apple sausages and add red onion, instead of just using caramelised red onion sausages. Josh doesn’t like the strings of onion, he pulls them out! So for lunch I made a batch even though we weren’t planning on cruising anywhere.

Egg washed and ready to bakeJust for Steve I’ve included extra photos here of them being made. They smelt so good. Mick had just finished changing out of his oily clothes by the time they had cooled off enough to eat.

Flipped over to crisp up the basesAll golden and crispy

Verdict on the pastry. It was okay, nowhere near as puffy and flaky as normal pastry. I’ll do them again for us, but if we have visitors I’ll use normal and put up with the side effects myself as I wouldn’t be able to resist them.

0 locks, 0 miles, 3 more loads washing, 1 litre primer, 1 litre undercoat, 9 litres of oil, 1 funnel, 2 ramp visits, 16 sausage rolls, 2 days worth, 1 very soggy day, 1 year almost since Steve visited!