Curtains! 30th March


P1260663smLast night we realised that we still had quite a few things to do before heading off downstream on the River Severn. So we decided that we’d get them done this morning and then see what the weather was like before setting off. To make it to the Droitwich Barge Canal we wanted to be on our way by 2pm as there are locks on the river which are manned by Lock Keepers.

The anchor needed to be attached at the bow and set out for easy deployment should it be needed. It also needs to not be in the way of getting on and off at the bow.

Whilst Mick was sorting this I took the opportunity to take down the Saloon curtains. Being hooked up still meant the washing machine could be used. Our dark blue curtains have been up a year now and were in desperate need of a wash.

P1260669smP1260671smBecause they are on poles at the top and bottom the brackets needed to be removed at either end. Tilly spends quite a bit of time using the curtains as a hammock, so that she can sit and be admired on the towpath side. She either backs into the corner or goes in head first and then does a pawstand to turn round.

P1260672smP1260678smNeedless to say the curtains, despite having been defurred only a short while ago, were covered in her fur again, there is also one tear (TILLY!!!). So out came the lint roller and a present we were sent by Joa (Tilly’s number one fan), an AmazeBrush. Using both of them I managed to remove a whole cat’s worth of fur before they went into the washing machine for a gentle 30C wash.

P1260675smI tried to make her leave me just one curtain!

With the windows now easily accessible I decided to give the frames a good clean. The channels get gunked up somewhat, so a chance to clean them out and make sure the drainage holes were clear couldn’t be missed.

When they were finished in the machine the curtains were hung back up to dry on their poles. They all came up very well. Just a shame we’d put all the brackets into a mug along with the screws for safe keeping. Not all the brackets are the same, only a subtle difference in the diameter or depth of the hole that the pole sits in. So it was hard to get all the holes in the oak window trim to match up with the brackets. We managed to get it so that only one new set of holes needed to be made.

P1260652smPlenty of boats were moving around the basin today, the start to peoples summer cruises going on. There were also plenty of people who stopped for a chat. By lunchtime we still had shopping to do, diesel and coal to get, so we wouldn’t make our 2pm deadline.

P1260683smThe bedroom curtains came down to be washed and I set off to the shops. Lidl is a short walk up the towpath and provided me with just about everything for a Sunday roast. I should have walked there via the shopping street as when I returned with my full bags I passed two butchers still with good looking joints on show in the late afternoon. A large Co-op has plenty to choose from including a deli counter, oh well our Sunday dinner will still be tasty.

0 locks, 0 miles, 11 curtains washed, 1 anchor attached and positioned, 1 so so bored cat, 0 sausage rolls left, 3 window frames spotless, 2 butchers, 1 greengrocers bypassed, 1 soggy wet afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Curtains! 30th March

  1. Mike Todd

    See our blog for today* – you would have not gone very far if you had attempted the transit to Droitwich as it was not possible to go under the M5 and the locks were chained off. Given that Diglis rose by a metre today, you might have been advised (ie red lighted) not to leave Stourport.*


  2. Pip and Mick

    Hi MikeWe have stayed put for the day, the river was in the red this morning and was still rising when last we looked. Our plans may have to change if the levels don't fall tomorrow. Looks like we may have crossed bows on the river if the levels had been different, but now we may pass on the canals somewhere this year instead.Pip



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