Comfy Bottoms And The First Wave. 22nd December

Llangollen Basin
We were up early in case our diesel delivery came at dawn. But we needn’t have been quite so early as Richard on NB Mountbatten had needed some assistance from Ruth to get him through a bridge hole so that he could continue back to base whilst Ruth came to visit us by van. NB Mountbatten was heavy with coal, therefore the going would have been exceedingly slow up to the basin. The decision to not come up to Llangollen was so that Richard stood a chance in being able to get back to base in time for Christmas Day. Ruth appeared with three cans of diesel for us and a siphoning hose to empty them into our tank. The stoppages along the canal next month will mean that a lot of their deliveries will be by van, I believe a bigger van is on their Christmas list.
P1200208smWhen Richard delivered our coal in Ellesmere we were in Scarborough. We’d left instructions to put the coal on the roof. He’d been concerned at doing this as our roof was so clean and had rung Ruth to check. Our roof is far cleaner than many but nowhere near as spick and span as many boats we’ve come across. But it was nice that he checked. Mick asked if it was possible for us to return our empty Calor gas bottle (currently living on our stern) and have it kind of on account for when we need a refill. This would mean that we wouldn’t have to live with it for the next month and we would definitely be seeing NB Mountbatten again before we leave the Llangollen. This was fine and we all annotated our receipts. With the diesel tank topped up we felt happier, we’ll easily last til we see them the next time.
With a bike and shopping list in hand we headed off to Aldi to do the first wave of shopping. Tomorrow we’ll buy the fresh veg and meat in town. On our way back we split up, Mick returning to Oleanna with a laden bike and me to the Post Office to collect a large parcel from my brother. At least today they didn’t try offering me other peoples parcels, but signing for a parcel delivered to them proved a bit interesting and took time with both members of staff helping. I did feel sorry for the lady behind who just wanted one stamp.The parcel was heavier than I’d expected, the chap did offer to help me to my car with it! But I managed to get back to the boat without my arms dropping off.
The afternoon was so warm that we had all the doors open for quite sometime. Really hope it doesn’t stay quite so warm, as it will mean that we won’t have an overflow fridge out the back  under the pram cover.
Mick headed back to Wrexham for more secret shopping whilst I finished off the stool cushion tops. Indiana Jones kept me company as I crocheted the third and final top. We can now have guests for food and all be able to sit comfortably. Plus they all stow away nicely still in the drawing board slot. A good tidy up and stowing of much of my craft bits and bobs was needed so as to make space for the Christmas present pile. So glad the storage in the pouf is generous as it is now very full.
P1200221smThe basin has had more arrivals today. Everyone so far has a pontoon of their own, still space for a few more before boats will have to share. There is another cat! But at least they are as far away as they can be, so we won’t have to share too much of the basin. Our new neighbour is NB Perseus, a very individual boat.
0 locks, 0 miles, 3 more boats, 1st wave of shopping, 2ft square parcel, 0 visit to Paul, 60 litres diesel, 0 empty bottle, 6 bottles of wine, 3 stools complete, BBC1 in perfect order.