It Changed Itself! 8th December

Ellesmere Junction

P1180871smIt was a bit wet this morning to start off with and they showed no interest in moving the outside, so that meant I would get to go out ALL day. Brilliant! Then something happened …….. the outside started changing itself all by itself!!

Green things started to fade, grey things started to fade, something was leaching all the colour out of everything outside.

P1180887smP1180904smP1180937smShe and I went out to have a look. My paws didn’t like the whiteness, cold whiteness, they disappeared. Shouting at the whiteness didn’t scare it off, it just made me slip and slide. She smiled at it all, so did Oleanna, neither of them worried that the outside was being consumed by whiteness. Inside was safer, I’d still have my paws!P1180899sm


P1180925smAt one point they moved the outside just a bit, it didn’t stop it from changing itself, in fact it made it worse! Big chunks of white were now covering everything, the colours had gone, now the shapes started to go too. I kept having to go and have a look close to, but it just wasn’t right, the outside was disappearing and I didn’t like it one bit.  So I spent much of the day asleep by the stove. Hope my friends are alright, hope the outside comes back tomorrow.


0 locks, 0 miles, 60ft bow hauled, 2 tyre fenders removed, 1 boat closer to the side, 6 more channels including ITV, 1 BBC area to another, 0 TV for our neighbours behind, 1 perplexed cat, 3 maybe 4 inches, 1 town walk, 0 post restante, 2 bacon butties, 1 pair socks finished, 1 cosy boat.