System Reset, Again! 23rd November

Grindley Brook

This will not do!!!!!!

So I feel like I needed a bit of a lie in this morning, not feeling like I want to have much for breakfast. Well I didn’t get any anyway!

They said I needed a system reset, again! This meant no food ALL day!!!!!!!!!!

P1180147smThey were lazy, not moving the outside and leaving the inside sat on the services and it wasn’t even that blowy!

Normally when there is no outside moving I get to go out into it and explore, find friends etc. But today the doors were kept firmly closed, all part of the System Reset apparently. Well I don’t like System Resets they can go do one.

As this evenings ‘Ding Ding’ approached I couldn’t find my bowls, they had vanished. So I took their place and gave the floor there a good clean. There wasn’t much to be had just a pink biscuit tucked away right in the corner, a bit stale and dusty. How is an active cat like me meant to survive with no food!

Then she has the audacity to cook something that smelt incredibly nice right in front of me! The smell pulled my nose up into the air and my insides rumbled in protest. Apparently it was fish, I’ve smelt it before but today it smelt even betterer. Still a very empty space where my bowls live and inside me!!!

P1180155smShe said that I’d get to try some fish in the morning if my insides behaved better. Well my insides are starving and I am wilting. This is pure cruelty.

Only one thing for it. I need new crew. Please apply to this blog. Ding Ding serving and outside moving and door opening skills a must along with warm comfy knees and feet required to sit on. The ability to read my user manual is not required.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 boat bound cat, 0 food, 7 long sleeps, 1 tiny miniscule pink biscuit all day, 1 mouth full of fluff, 1 big bowl of fish, 0 bowls for cats, 1 twitching nose, 1 comfy knee to sit on, 1 warm box, 6am wake up, 1 cleaning of floor at least I missed the bed, 3 loads of washing, 2 loads of drying, 1 hire boat moving all day, £800 to hire it next week that’s with discount! 1 short walk, 1 fish crumble, 1 improving Tilly, 1.5 socks, 1/4 water tank, 0 exclamation marks left.

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