Back In The Lock. 16th September

Bridge 56 to Ribble Link Staircase 1

Blackbird was first to push off this morning. With both boats wanting to fill with water at Bilsborrow we didn’t hurry to get going. Today would be our longest cruise since we left Tarleton on the 9th August.

The sun was out so a load of washing was put on before we reached the water point. As it came into view we could see Blackbird disappearing under the bridge at Owd Nells, a well timed arrival. With the hose connected up Mick walked round to the main street for our Saturday newspaper, sadly our normal one was out of stock so for the third week we’d have to cope with a substitute.

P1130551smOnce we were full and the yellow water tank empty we pushed off, just as NB Compass Rose arrived (we think they may be joining us on the link). The canal was busy, plenty of cruisers out making the most of a sunny weekend. It was now obvious that we would arrive at Moon’s Bridge Marina to coincide with their lunch break again. So after we’d let two more cruisers pull out from the marina we pulled into the service mooring to have our own lunch and wait. However the chap on duty was around and not bothered about his butties so a new gas bottle was purchased and hooked up. Unfortunately they didn’t do coal, but at least if we run out we can put the central heating on, aromas permitting!

P1130555smP1130566smWith no obvious place in mind to be able to pull over for lunch, we decided to have it on the go as we ticked off the miles back to the top of the link. Passing the pub we’d been to on our first night we spotted another boat due to join us and then in the nuclear zone we passed NB Bosley. How many boats would they lock down tomorrow? Including the lock landing there are three pontoons in the pound before Lock 8, so breasting up you could hold six there, maybe we’ll be three abreast.

P1130569smAs we turned into the basin at the top of the locks it seemed as if we’d never been away. It was just how we’d left it on Tuesday. Blackbird was already moored up in the top chamber, so we winded and joined them again. Whirligig erected and our washing hung out to make the most of the sun and slight breeze. Mick popped out with the hope of finding our Saturday paper and returned with it in hand after his long journey by foot to the Co-op.

P1130576smNow we wait for lunchtime tomorrow.

P1130585sm0 locks, 1 sat in, 13.78 miles, 1 full water tank, 1 load clean towels, 1 empty yellow tank, 1 new gas bottle, 0 coal, 1 Lancaster, 2 newspapers to get through, 1 right, 1 wind, 1 boring mooring, 1 pair wrist warmers complete, 1 giant bag on it’s way, 1 large portion of Romanesco cheese with added benefits.