Cruising North. 12th September

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gauge mapwind speedsThe charts looked hopeful this morning although it was a bit breezy at the top of the locks. Visual inspection of the brook confirmed the level had gone down, would we be going?

P1130364smWith plenty of time today before we’d (possibly) be setting off there was no rush to get everything back in the shower. As the heavens opened at 9.30 we heard a van door. All our heads popped out the back like meerkats eager to see what todays verdict would be. Once the rain settled we went to chat with Chris. Sadly with weather warnings of rain and wind later in the afternoon we wouldn’t be doing the crossing today. Over the next few days the tides are too low, so we will have to wait until the weekend at least for them to be high enough once again.

Chris took our numbers and boat names and said he would call us on Thursday to give us an update on conditions for the weekend. Sunday morning would be the next possible tide, so all being well weather wise they would lock us down on Saturday ready to wait for the tide.

P1130374smBlackbird needed water and we needed to let Tilly have some freedom before the interior of Oleanna got wrecked. A quick decision to cruise back to Bilsborrow was made. Blackbird led the way back northwards. With the locks now empty Chris could let some water down from the canal.

P1130381smAs we turned out of the basin, heading northwards again it was raining but it soon brightened up as we cruised back the ten miles. At Moon’s Bridge Marina we pulled on to their service mooring (a little more spacious this time). Wanting to get a bottle of gas and a bag of coal, however we’d miss timed our arrival to coincide with their lunch break.

P1130393smSo we pushed off and continued. Soon the fake thatched roofs came into sight of Owd Nells. Workers were dismantling the huge marquees out the back, so we decided to pull along a bit further. Here a work boat was busy replacing a section of collapsed armco, but there was space for the two boats.

P1130382smAfter an afternoon of pottering about, Exploring OUTSIDE!!! we headed to try out the White Bull which was due to re-open when we first came through. None of us were quite sure why it had been closed for so long as no refurbishment work appeared to have taken place. They did however serve a good pint of Wainwright at a reasonable price, so we stayed for a couple before returning to the boats to light the stove and have our tea as the wind picked up.

P1130384sm0 locks, 1 vacated, 10.14 miles, 1 right, 1 left, 0 gas, 0 coal, 0 sirens, 3 boats also waiting, 2 days before news, 1 grey afternoon, 1 hour pootle knitting, 1 hour ripping, 1 hour crochet, 3 hours climbing chasing pouncing, 1 miffed Magpie, 4 pints, 1st of three apple and blackberry crumbles, yummy.

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  1. Neil Corbett

    I know Owd Nells is pretty awful but the food in the Italian restaurant there is very acceptable. The big garden centre north of the village is also worth a visit, and sometimes does a very nice hot-pot.Kath (nb Herbie)

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