I Can See The Sea. 25th August

Carnforth to Hest Bank South Bridge 117
P1120004smIt took a while for us to do our chores this morning, which included a visit to Tescos. Blackbird went on ahead. Just as we were about to push off a hire boat was trying to do the same a short distance back so we waited as they struggled to get off the side. With hind sight we should have gone first as their progress was very very slow, Oleanna didn’t come out of tick over for a mile and a half where they pulled in.
P1120005smP1120012smP1120016smLumps and bumps under the water slowed our progress off and on, but by now the views of Morecambe Bay were with us, so taking our time didn’t matter. I hoped off at the bridge before the swing bridge, equipped with keys to unlock it. However  the bridge is just held in place by one big hook. The twists and turns brought the sea close to the canal before it moved slightly away. through the next bridge we could see Blackbird moored up nice and close to the side. With space in front we pulled in, well as far as we could! We could get in, but the list we were on would mean that the shower wouldn’t drain terribly well. So we tried a couple more times, ending up with quite a gap, but at least we were level. That was until the next boat passed, the effect pushing us up onto the side again.
P1120035smP1120039smThis afternoon we’ve all been for an explore. All! I was left behind!! We followed a footpath through the wood behind our mooring, crossed a road and then took a snicket which passed over the railway line to the beach.Our mooring is far closer than our house in Scarborough is to the beach. But then there is sand in Scarborough, here it was rocky with the odd patch of sand.
P1120055smP1120063smA hazy view across the water to where the train had taken us a few days ago, Grange-over-Sands and Ulverston. Max enjoyed himself in the waves as we walked picking up shells as we went. Looking out to sea Morecambe sat on the horizon as a yacht disappeared round the headland.
P1120067smP1120078smThere is a sign that marks the Public Right Of Way Across the sands which ends at Kents Bank. We don’t fancy doing this walk even with a guide to keep us safe.
Walking back we waited for a train to pass so that we could cross the tracks. The barriers were down for a long time and yet only four cars had been held up, at most swing bridges I score a greater number. Just by the level crossing is the old Station House. Hest Bank had a station from 1846 to 1969. During the thirties it became remarkable as it was the only one between Preston and Carlisle that had electric lighting.
This evening we will try out The Hest Bank Inn where, according to our Nicholsons guide, there used to hang a guiding light in one of the windows to guide people across the sands. We won’t be lighting our guiding light in the cratch whilst we’re here just in case.
DSCF7114sm0 locks, 3.61 miles, 1 swing bridge, 0 held up, 1 late start, 1 full water tank, 1 empty yellow tank, 1 fridge full, 1 slow boat to Bolton, 2 groundings, 2 boobs covered, 1 pirate raft, 1 off level mooring, 12 shells, 1 soggy doggy, 3 needed trains, 1 level crossing, 4 held up,  grade 3, 1 skin head, 2 hours on the dot.