The Move. 27th April

Crick Marina

Life has become somewhat chaotic.

IMAG3346smIMAG3348smEmptying one small space into a slightly smaller space.

Realising that the corner cupboard held a lot more than you thought.

Being strong and throwing things out that haven’t been used for three years, that you once thought were vital to life.

Feeling good that part of your old boat is empty, then realising that you can’t sit down anywhere in your new one.

IMAG3358smTaking things out of cupboards that were destined for the bin, but somehow had been put away.

Constantly putting Tilly behind the one door she can’t get under just so you can open another. Prison, it’s not a boat it’s a prison!

Leaving the one thing that has a definite place to go till last, knowing it will fit, not knowing if it’s possible to get it in there.

Liberating the second Brompton from the bottom of the wardrobe for the first time since August 2014, less than three years so we can keep it.

Seeing the bottom of rear lockers for the first time.

Guided tours of ‘The new boat’ in the marina.

Hoovering everything in sight and out of it.

Wishing the forecast had been correct so that the stern deck can get a coat of paint.

Getting four text messages at once when you walk through that inch of mobile phone coverage that Crick has.

Listening out for a tap on the boat next door that the cat has heard before you.

Yellow thin grab rail.

Blue thick grab rail.

Hoping to not have to play Jenga with our possessions.

IMAG3344smReplacing pink nappies with dry.

Hoping that the covers you’ve just washed will go back on the dinette.

Finding five toy mice, two pens and six silver balls behind the sofa. They were safe back there!

Dodging hail storms and sideways snow.

Yellow right foot first.

Blue left foot first.

Keeping two stoves going.

One/two houses full of soft furnishings ruined by cats!

No ITV 4 for the Tour de Yorkshire and views of home home.

Whilst not moving the outside once and leaving me with this boring view!


4 thoughts on “The Move. 27th April

  1. heather

    this is the first time, since beginning to read yr blog, that I haven't 'wished I was there'. I love canals, NBs, cats, dawn on the canal, reflections of bridges, following herons, darting kingfishers. What I don't love is moving house.Good luck you guysHeather

  2. Pip and Mick

    Thanks Heather. I think I'd rather have been doing the Wigan flight everyday this week! But we are getting there. Just depressing cleaning and tidying Lillian to make her lovely, whilst Oleanna remains a mess waiting to be sorted.

  3. Pip and Mick

    Thanks Christine. In the next couple of days we'll be turning left out of the marina and heading south for your birthday.

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