When Old Meets New. 25th April

Cracks Hill to Crick Marina

P1020682smBefore moving off this morning we knew we’d have to give Oleanna a quick tidy and sweep through as she’d be on show as soon as we reached Crick. The sun was shining but boy was it chilly, a beautiful winters day for April. We wound our way round towards the marina on our shortest cruise yet, just over half a mile.

P1020685smOur friend Lizzie was on NB Panda waiting for us to arrive with Him and Her (two of the marina residents) so we had a welcoming committee as we came round the last bend. We did however think that she could have made more of an effort, still in her dressing gown at nearly midday! She is recovering from an operation so she has special dispensation.

P1020688smWe knew were we were heading with Oleanna as they have allowed us to pull alongside Lillian for the next week. She is blocking in a couple of boats further up the pontoon but they are unlikely to be moving whilst we are here, but if they do we’ll gladly move. Mick brought her in very gently into the tight gap and I tied the front rope for the first time after passing it around Lillian’s T stud. Our old and new boats were at last together. A very strange feeling, one yellow very much loved home for the last three years and the new already feeling like home sat next to her. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve found ourselves starting to refer to Lillian as Lillyanne, something we haven’t done since 2014.

Andy and Irene from NB Kamili next door were about so we had a catch up with them and gave them a guided tour. Lovely to see them again, I suspect later in the week we’ll be meeting at the pub for a drink or two.

P1020696smThe next few days we’ll be moving the rest of our possessions over and giving Lillian a good clean. Today we’ve emptied the bedroom and the bathroom, apart from the obstinate bike in the wardrobe! All the outside lockers are empty too. I so hope we’ve got enough space for everything, well if not we’ll just have to downsize. Mick’s wardrobe will certainly have to reduce as I’ve filled all my cupboard space and he’s got less on his side of the bed.

A phone call to ABNB has put the ball in motion for Lillian to go on the market. Some sprucing up needs to be done and make her look homely for a photo call in a weeks time.

Lizzie has been round in between snow and hail storms for an internal inspection. Oleanna, we are glad to say has passed with flying colours, especially the cooker.

We are going to be busy over the next few days with our shoe horns and polishing cloths, so there may not be time for blog posts and the internet round here hasn’t improved! Today is the last of the dual posts between blogs. NB Lillyanne will get updated as and when things happen with her sale, but there will be no more cruising posts on her blog.

P1020694smDSCF7114sm0 locks, 0.53 miles, 1 quick tidy, 1st night with the stove going, 1 imprisoned Tilly again! 1 welcoming committee, 8ft for Oleanna, 1 new, 1 old, 2 lovely next door neighbours, 150 watts solar, 4 Ikea bags full of clothes, 1 big bathroom cupboard into 1 little one, 2 many clothes, 2 many shoes, 6 new cupboards explored, 6 snow showers, 3 piece suite up for grabs, 2 mattresses also, 1 Yellow boat preparing for new owners.