Feline Diversion. 3rd May

Moat House Bridge 74 to 48hr mooring bridges 7 and 8 Shropshire Union Canal

Blimey, we’d been down to long sleeved tops yesterday but today I wished I’d put my padded waterproof trousers on. Chilly an understatement! There’d be no knitting outdoors today.

We wiggled our way around the summit pound, railway, busy roads, moored boats, etc. It’s funny thinking of this as a summit pound as the Wolverhampton flight comes down into it. Plenty to see whilst rubbing hands together to keep warm.

Breath in!

After about 4 miles we reached the narrows. A stretch of canal carved out from rock only wide enough for one boat at a time, but with three passing places. No-one ahead we entered and breathed in. Then as we were approaching the second half a boat could be seen heading towards us. Thankfully a passing place close to them so we could squeeze past each other.

Right please even if it’s the wrong way

At Autherly Junction we turned onto the Shroppie, yes we know this would take us back north. Our planned route has us ascending Wolverhampton, but today we’d started a little too far away. There is also a feline factor, Tilly will end up having several days in Bumingham, so we’d decided to take her out into the countryside for an afternoon of feline frolicks. We didn’t want to go too far as we’ll need to come back again, but we did need some decent friendly cover and the odd tree or two.

Now that’s a chimney

The canal was too shallow before Bridge 7 and away from the road, so onwards to the 48 hour mooring where we know Tilly has enjoyed herself before. There were several boats already moored up, we tagged on the end. Four hours! Now what could she do with all that time?

Not bad, just a touch soggy

They only stop in good places when it rains! She managed for a while, the long grass really quite wet, and getting wetter! The stove which has laid dormant for a couple of days was kicked back into life to warm us up and to help dry off some washing. Then we settled down for the remainder of the day, knitting, pottering, watching Narrow Escapes and opening and closing the back door for Tilly to come and go.

I think She needs to wash the windows!

I’ve taken credit on some of my shore leave hours, I expect to be able to use them in the next week! She’ll be lucky as we’ll either be somewhere really boring or doing our best to catch up with friends.

1 lock, 7.4 miles by canal, 1.73 miles as the crow flies, 1 grey freezing day, 1 right, 4 hours shore leave, 1 deposit arranged, 2 possible plans, 2 soggy for a stamp of approval.


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